Weekend open thread: Downgraded

Aug 06, 2011

Michele Bachmann and Taxes

Hi DmD,

I spent nearly an hour on a teleconferenced “Town hall Meeting” with dearest Michele this a.m. prior to us all heading up to that Ames Straw Poll thing next weekend.  

It seems Bachmann’s take on taxes is that 34 percent is far to burdensome for the “job creators” of this mighty nation, and a more reasonable 9 percent corporate tax rate would just be peachy for maintaining that strong, vital, militarily invincible uberpower America we have come to know and love.  

How we can lower taxes and pay for a strong military was not made plain.

But hey, as long as there’s free chicken and beer in it for me, who am I to question her beliefs?

Feeling a bit fickle at this stage, and might switch to Ron Paul in the end.  I think it would be a gas to see him less than marginalized this time around.  Might force the other candidates to answer some of the tough questions that would arise from his presence in the arena.  

But, hanging with Michele might just get me the weirdest and grooviest Facebook profile pic imaginable.

Weekend open thread: Downgraded

Aug 07, 2011

I checked my voter registration status...

They never put me back to I from D after the last primary I voted in. And still Bachmann has been calling our house.  Not sure how much vetting is going on with this.  Just hope they don’t bother to Google me before they send out the invitation package.  When a campaign staffer called me yesterday to confirm my attendance at the Straw Poll, they referred to me as Mr. [my wife’s surname].  Seemed like the young eager Tea Party staffer on the other end simply could not wrap her mind around my wife being a Ms. and maintaining her original surname.  

Weekend open thread: Downgraded

Aug 11, 2011

Hi R08, and Sorry bp51

I would love nothing better than to have an open, honest, discourse this coming weekend in Ames.

However, with the high profile of the Reconstructionist Christian element at this event, for me this is war.

I will not allow a group that wishes to impose their own version of “Sharia Law” to run away with the hearts and minds of the electorate.

Ames straw poll news and discussion thread

Aug 13, 2011

Well R08, it's like this...

This thing is a an outright scam.  The candidates cover the $30 cost of admission if you sign in at their booth. And then they give you free chicken and beer.

The voice of the people is bought and paid for. Literally.  

Very strange to see Tea Party Fair Tax nut jobs from hell right next to a huge wind energy exhibit.  The wind energy exhibit had a full sized wind turbine blade they were having people sign.  There were a couple of stations where you could step up to sign the thing, and long lines at both.

I got no sense of Pawlenty via the Iowa Energy Forum exhibit.  

I wanted to see Michele Bachmann’s speech but the crowd was too large.  Waaaaaaaay to large for my taste.  I explored options for disconnecting the power to her sound system during her speech, but they had not one, not two, but three diesel Caterpiller generators running things at her tent.  And security positioned right there.

Her presence today was HUGE.  Ron Paul had a huge space, but after the initial rush, things kind of trickled down a bit over there.  I listened to Paul’s speech, which had no discernible substance, IMHO. And following his speech some nice young man got up there with a guitar and started doing a cover of Dylan’s “The Times, They are A-Changing”.  That was too much.  

In addition to booths from multiple special interest groups, there was a small contingent of anti-war activists from Minnesota protesting at the main entrance.  Didn’t even seem to raise an eyebrow, nor draw any ire from the crowd.

In a nutshell, all flash, no substance, the special interest groups will continue to fund the “electable” in exchange for their votes, and the status quo of rich man/poor man will be maintained into the foreseeable future.  I don’t know what, if any, effect Citizen’s United will have on the outcome of the general election. I’m just glad we have the Colbert SuperPAC to try and even things out.  Hot and tired, and that’s about all I have to say about this bullshit event.

Ames straw poll news and discussion thread

Aug 13, 2011

"Statewide" political contest?

I hope they disclose some numbers on pop distribution for the 17,000 folks that cast their votes today.  The buses for Bachmann were tearing up the 30 miles between Des Moines and Ames today. Seemed like most of the plates I glanced driving up and down the aisles in the parking lot were Polk and Dallas county. So it looked mostly urban from my informal sample taking.    

Western Iowa might go for her, though, I’ll give you that.  What with it being batshit crazy King territory and all?

On one hand, I am glad she pulled through this contest after the bullshit cover they posted on Newsweek. On the other hand, my evil thought that America should get what it deserves is a little closer to reality than I might wish.

Final thought; I am glad, as one headline put it, that Paul has “come in from the fringe”.  He will definitely bring some poignant policy questions into the contest this time around.  Icing him out will not be an option.

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