Iowa Republicans pushing anti-abortion bills while they still can

Feb 21, 2020

Two answers

(1) Early money is like yeast. The sooner you give the more good it is likely to do.
(3) If the goal is to flip the House, give to the House Truman Fund. Let them decide where the money is most likely to help. They know all the races and candidates better than anyone else, even though they sometimes overlook opportunities and dangers, too, as Laura has pointed out in other posts.

Pete’s “gay problem” that isn’t

Feb 17, 2020

Whence public opinion?

Public opinion flows from the top down. When leaders promote a point of view, it flourishes. When new leaders attack that same view, it can wither.

Republicans accepted abortion at first. Then a few people waged a campaign against it and made it a highly partisan issue. The GOP rank and file hate deficits when Democrats are in charge, but forget about them if their leaders hush up like now.

When the fire hose of LGBTQ hate is opened wide, those 80% numbers will wash away. Backlashes are so common that I’m surprised to see anyone as oblivious as this.

Am I a member of the media? Iowa Republican leaders still say no

Feb 14, 2020

It follows from Trump

This denial is Republicanism at work under Trump. Days ago the President of the Philippines shut down a whole TV network because it criticized him too often. Trump admires that President. The Republican Party admires Trump. They have no interest in either an informed public or in the free press. Remember when they used to wave the Constitution at us?

You are one of Iowa’s best journalists. They can’t take that away from you.

It needs to be said: Abolish the caucus

Feb 11, 2020

Caucus is social

At my caucus someone said, “I didn’t know there were this many Democrats in town.” That awareness builds power. The pizza we shared after adjourment made some new connections among potential activists. It was successful at party building. Yet no one had any platform ideas to promote.

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