Becky Greenwald

May 31, 2008

illegal is negotiable.

Laws serve us, not the other way around.  It is our duty as citizens of a democracy to review and (possibly) change them.  Saying that “illegal is illegal” is lazy, petty and bureaucratic; It is a dangerous corrosion eating away at the structure of involved, citizen-run government.  Our job as citizens is keep constant vigil on the interpretation, application and ramification of law.  

Don’t like the philosophical reasoning?  Fine.  Let’s be completely practice.

When alcohol was made illegal during prohibition, it turned every-day hard working and otherwise law-abiding people into criminals.  Worse, it delivered a commodity to the underworld and turned disorganized criminals into organized crime, whose legacy plagues us even today, some 70 years later.  

When there is a sufficient demand, there will be a supply–legal or not.  Looking at what it would cost us to “round up and deport” all illegal immigrants is $taggeringly high.  The cost of building “the fence” is $taggeringly high.  The cost of fighting inch by inch for the borderland eminent domain rights for “the fence” is $taggeringly high.  The cost of manning the fence after it’s built is $taggeringly high…   Maybe you can afford to pay for all that, but I can’t.  And, even if the “deportation solution” were logistically possible, removing such a large number of consumers would cause an economic disaster when our economy is anemic as it is.  

Immigration is a complex, compound issue that cannot be dismissed with pithy oversimplifications such as “illegal is illegal”.

It is refreshing to see a candidate like Ms. Greenwald show nuanced understanding of such a complex problem, and equally refreshing to see practical suggestions from her. Find a way to register currently-illegal immigrants, tax them so that they’re paying their fair share, and work out a way for the demand to be supplied above board.

This is an excellent indication that Ms. Greenwald is a sensible person and not just a “beater of drums.”  

Becky Greenwald

Jun 01, 2008

Clinton Supporters

I like Senator Obama and I respect his idealism as I do yours.  Respectfully, since “those Clinton supporters” make up about 50% of the Democratic party, I suggest care when touching issues regarding her.  The future of our party, I am often told, hinges on how well she loses, but it seems just as important you Obama supporters win graciously.

Besides, this really isn’t the forum to start a Clinton/Obama war, is it?  

In the spirit of more positive participation, please try naming the things you like about your own candidate rather than simply dumping on everyone else.  

Here’s a few things I like about Becky Greenwald:

1) She’s proficient in Marketing, and that is an excellent trait in a candidate that is going to face such an entrenched opponent.

2) She’s good at raising money, and has raised more money from non-personal contributions than all the other candidates combined.

3) She’s spent years laying groundwork for this candidacy by being deeply involved in regional politics.  As proof, she’s received the endorsement of successful and high-ranking Democrats in Iowa, such as former Governor Vilsack.

Here’s a few things I like about William Meyers, though.

1) I deeply respect his military background.

2) I admire his guts.  It takes a lot to throw your hat in the ring, and it speaks volumes about his initiative that he’s done so.  

While I still support Ms. Greenwald, I hope that Mr. Meyers continues and deepens his involvement in the party.  It will be interesting to see what fruit that effort will bear in a few years.

Becky Greenwald

Jun 01, 2008


Employers are already forced into a bad position between not wanting to discriminate against Hispanic people, and becoming expert in document forgery, background checks etc.

How exactly is an employer to know who’s legal and who’s not?

Giving a path to citizenship is a practical necessity for the already-mentioned reasons.  There is a demand, there will be a supply.  That’s a given.  We can either profit by the process, or spend billions we don’t have on a futile attempt to thwart it.

Won’t the strain on social programs be mitigated (or even eliminated) by documenting and taxing all those who are currently illegal and not paying anything except sales tax?

Right now with no changes to current policy, illegal immigrants are already entitled to many benefits and pay little or nothing for them.  No hospital is allowed to turn away human beings in need of acute medical attention, nor should they.  The enticing simplicity of not allowing benefits to illegal immigrants instantly melts when facing, say, a young woman about to give birth standing at the door of the hospital.  Could you refuse her?  I hope not.

So, if we cannot accurately identify who is legal and who is not, and if ethics prevents us from refusing aid to those in need, then we have but one choice to making this situation better… Make a path to citizenship (or legal residency, I agree that that would be a good first step) and get people who are currently illegal and paying no taxes to contribute their fair share.

Greenwald Has Political Courage Problem

Jun 01, 2008

reckless accusations

“very naive and incompetent”



“you are a very simple-minded person”

“corrupt and careless”

Other than not being Mr. William Meyers, I don’t know what the other candidates have done that earns being branded “corrupt”, “careless” and the like.  Other than not supporting Mr. Meyers, I’m not sure what posters here have done to earn a similar brand.  

These are strong accusations, AmesDemocrat.  Please remember that we are allies, even if we don’t always agree.  As you get more politically involved, and I hope you do, you may regret having burned bridges.  But I’m old and tainted enough to know youthful idealism when I see it.  It reminds me of me when I was in college, so my bridge is unburnable 🙂

Please understand that this is not an attack on you..quite the opposite.   I’d just like to hold up a mirror and gently suggest that you’ll have an easier time convincing all of us old and corrupt people with civility.  

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