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Apr 27, 2008

Yes I remember John Anderson

I was a precinct committeeman in Union County when I announced for John Anderson.  It really pissed off the rest of the county central committee.  I didn’t really care.  I couldn’t support Carter.  21% interest rates was crippling our business.  The prime skyrocketed.  For those of you that think a poor credit rating caused the high interest rates.  You are wrong.  It was a family owned grain elevator the business had been in my family since 1887.  We had banked with that bank for over 30 years.  In 1978 our interest rate was 7% by 1980 it had risen to over 20%.  We could borrow hundreds of thousands of dollars just on our voice on the phone.  All loans were paid off early.

I was very impressed with John Anderson’s openness and honesty.  I recieved a fundraising letter in which he said they would pay back donations with interest if he qualified for matching funds.  I sent him a check and six months later got a check from his campaign with interest.  Yes John Anderson was a good man.  One of the last sane republicans.

I do remember Paul Simon.  The man with the bowtie.  I was a precinct chairman for him in Polk County.  I liked his openness.  He kindof reminded me of what I had read about Harry Truman.

I was first elected as a precinct committeeman in 1976 I was 18 years old, in Union County.  I have since been a committeeman in Polk and Dallas Counties.  And until 2006 I have always been active in my local democratic party.  After the 2000 election I started to become angry at how the Democrats in Washington cowered to Bush.  They acted as if Bush won the election with 400 electoral votes.  At times when they should have stood their ground and fought they caved in.  At times they might have lost, they could have stood for their values and beliefs.  They could have stood for something only to raise the white white flag of surrender.  In 2006 the cowards of Congress (the Democrats) voted 35-9 for the patriot act.  After that I left the party.  Actualy I didn’t leave the democratic party, the party left me.

For thirty years I had been there for the party.  Knocking on doors, making phone calls and selling tickets.  Every year I donated one thousand dollars to democratic candidates.  But I couldn’t do it anymore.  I donated instead to MoveOn.  Atleast they were trying to fight back.  Something the cowards in Congress (the Democrats) refuse to do.  IN 2006 I was excited to see the Dems take Congress.  I thought we would see oversite hearings.  But Pelosi has said impeachment is off the table.  If not now then when.  I would love to see the 20 republicans in the Senate that are up for reelction this year be forced to defend Bush/Cheney or vote for impeachment.  I realise we don’t have the votes for impeachment but they atleast should go on record for history as fighting for it.

Keith Nichols

At least Ed Fallon Didn’t Vote for this Guy

May 17, 2008


Fallon is just too stupid to be in Congress or any other responsible position.  In 2000 he supported George Bush for president.  If he is that damn dumb to thing Bush would have made a better president than Al Gore.  Than he his too damn dumb to be in congress.

Granted Gore did carry Iowa.  But Fallon and all the clowns that supported Nader/Bush forced Gore to spend time and money that could have been spent in West Virginia, Arkansas, Tennessee.  Any of those states would have tipped the balence to Gore and that prick Lieberman.  I won’t count Florida as it was stolen months before the first vote was cast.

Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, and Wisconsin were also safe Gore states.  But the idiots that supported Nader/Bush forced Gore to spend alot of time and money in those states to protect his lead.  There again by forcing Al Gore to spend time and moeny in safe states the Nader/Bush team kept Gore out of competitaive states.

I like Fallons positions on the issues.  But on the most important issue which is common sense.  He failed.  He didn’t just drop the ball.  He had his jock strap pulled over his eyes while tripping around trying to find the door.

If Fallon was that damn stupid in 2000 to think that Bush would have made a better president than Al Gore.  Ed Fallon can burn in Hell.

Keith Nichols

Register backs Greenwald in fourth district primary

May 28, 2008


The Register has a female editorial board.  They like to endorse woemen.  In 2006 they selected a very weak candidate in the 5th district.  They endorsed Joyce Schulte who in 2004 got 37% of the vote.  She couldn’t raise any money.  They endorsed her over a very competetent Bob Chambers who could have raised the money to lead a strong challenge to that asshole Steve King.

If William Myers gets the nomination he can draw from Independents and republicans.  The Marine could beat Latham.  Becky probably won’t.

William Meyer’s fans coming out of the woodwork

Jun 06, 2008

Support Becky

I voted for Meyer’s in the primary.  I do believe he would have beaten Latham.  The thing is he lost.  Becky was organized and used free media to help get her message out.  Meyer wouldn’t use free media such as press releases to the local newspapers.  We all need to get behind Becky and help her defeat Latham.  All Meyer is going to do if he goes independent is help Latham get back in the House.

William Meyers: Independent Democrat for Congress

Jun 06, 2008


Since 1976 I have served on the central committee in three different counties in Iowa.  At our caucus this year someone volunteered for it and I was glad to give it up.  I voted for William Meyers in the primary.  I thought he was the better canidate and would have the better chance to beat Latham in the general election.  He lost so lets help Becky.

For 6 years I was on the Dallas County Central Committee with Becky Greenwold.  She was and still is a tireless worker for the party.  She worked herself up through the ranks to deserve the respect she has earned around the state.

A county chair cannot announce that this county is closed to a candidate.  In Dallas County we have over sixty people on our central committee.  Any committee person is free at any time to announce their support for any candidate in the party.  A good example in 1976 most of the Union County Central Committee was for Jimmy Carter.  I was the lone Morris Udall support.  But that didn’t stop me from organizing for Udall.  Any committee person in any county could have organized in that county for Meyers.

I donated money to Meyers campaign,  I offered advice to him.  One thing he needed to do and chose not to was to use free media.  I was willing to do more for his campaign but I didn’t see any activity from the candidate.  Shaking 20,000 hands is ambitious.  But how many of those people will remember you in ten minutes.  The per cent is very very low.

If Meyers feels he was treated unfairly he can try to work within the party.  He seems to be fairly intelligent and has a loyal following.  He can build his name recognition and expand his base.  He could have a bright future in the party.  Or he could act like a spoiled brat and take 1000 votes from Becky and and help Latham get reelected.

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