Boswell votes with House GOP to loosen Dodd-Frank rules

Apr 26, 2012

The Boz

I got a phone call tonight from Boswells campaign asking if I was going to the event in Coon Rapids.  I said NO and was asked why not.  I replied I am tied of seeing Boswell working to help the Farm Bureau types that never will vote for him.  I said we have a choice in this race.  A republican (Latham) vs a wants to be republican (boswell).  I said I was tied of seeing the Iowa delegation go Latham, King, Boswell.  I said with the race between Latham and Boswell we might as well vote for the real thing.  Boswell always waits until Latham votes so he can be rubber stamp for Latham.

I don’t like republican wanna bes.

Loebsack, Boswell vote with Republicans on extending Bush tax cuts

Aug 03, 2012

Cave IN

I do agree with you.  Obama and the Senate Democrats will cave in on this issue immediatly after the November elections.  The senate democrats might hold out until 12:01 on Novmeber 7.  Obama will fold a minute after or before.

I used to get upset at Obama for always caving in to the republicans.  But I now realize it is not his fault.  Obama was a member of the Senate Democrts so he would have no idea how to stand up for anything.  There must be a huge sign over the doors of the capital that says Democrats must remove their spines.  Republicans must grow steel spines.

I wish we had a liberal party in America.

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