Laura Belin

Rhode Island fraudster was major donor to Reynolds, Ernst, King, Pate

Feb 27, 2019

I don't think cash donations/pass the hat

need to be turned over to the state treasury. I don’t know the intent behind 68A.501 but I understood it to be referring to other kinds of donations.

The Reynolds campaign filing from May 2018 didn’t list them as cashier’s checks. They were listed as checks. In retrospect, though, there’s a clue something is unusual, because the check numbers listed for Taub’s checks were longer than the 4-digit numbers listed next to other donors’ personal checks.

How to create activist judges

Feb 22, 2019

the Iowa State Bar Association

does not screen applicants. Attorneys vote for the judicial nominating commission members. Those who vote must be admitted to the bar (i.e. allowed to practice law in Iowa), but they do NOT have to be members of the Iowa State Bar Association. Republicans have tried to confuse the issue by claiming the ISBA names members of the commissions.

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