Laura Belin

News you cannot, should not use

Apr 02, 2020

I strongly disagree

with the idea that people shouldn’t be reading articles projecting how bad things could get. Panic is never a productive state of mind, but people need to be aware that our health care system could be overwhelmed if a significant number of us don’t change our typical behaviors. Otherwise everyone would keep going about their business. By the time large numbers of Iowans feel a direct impact from COVID-19, it will be too late to flatten the curve.

The unchanging red light

Mar 17, 2020

I don't speak for the author

but I don’t think his intent was to discourage the social distancing measures. My viewpoint aligns with yours: almost anything we can do to flatten the curve is worthwhile.

One challenging part: like other lifesaving policies (such as the 55 mph speed limit), the lives we save will be invisible. You won’t be able to point to any one person and say, that person would have died if not for social distancing. So critics may dispute the benefits.

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