Laura Belin

Kim Reynolds thumbed her nose at ISU students for nothing

Jul 13, 2019

I'm not against raising money

for Ross Wilburn or Iowa House Democrats generally. I would just like to see them be more honest about why the need the money. They do not need $10,000 to spend on printing materials for the August 6 election. I certainly hope they are cutting back their planned budget for this race, with Ross running unopposed.

House Democrats are insulting the intelligence of their supporters with these e-mails that don’t acknowledge the August 6 race is uncompetitive. Just say you need the money to lay the groundwork for retaking the House next year.

Change is horrible

Jul 06, 2019

regarding health care reform

I agree that a public option (Medicare buy-in) is an easier political case to make than Medicare for All with no private insurance, especially in suburban areas (which were mostly responsible for Democratic gains in 2018). But I disagree that Trump won in 2016 because people were afraid Hillary would bring too much change. 2016 was a change election. Hillary was seen as the continuity candidate, while Trump was seen as someone who would shake things up.

Democrats Jamet Colton, Amber Corrieri running for Iowa House district 46

Jun 20, 2019

delegates to the special nominating convention

will represent the precincts that are part of House district 46. Not the whole county. Also, their votes will be weighted, depending on how many Democrats voted for Hillary Clinton and Fred Hubbell in the various precincts. So not every delegate at the special convention will have the same influence on the decision.

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