Iowa Senate Republicans bury “unfiltered” debate with rule change

Jan 30, 2017

In The Dark

Can people see what the Republicans are up to now? Not letting legislators make comments at the beginning of the session when people might have a chance to hear? Getting rid of the Department of Economic growth? Is there something going on here that they don’t want us to know or see? Is economic growth dwindling under Republican control? Why are they trying so hard to hide things? What are they trying to hide from the public?

I will surely Miss Mary Jo Wilhelm. She was a strong advocate for the people and I’m sorry that she lost her campaign. The negative ads put out against her were lies and very demeaning. That campaign was very nasty. Unfortunately the people fell for it.

The state is now controlled by people who want to hide what they’re doing. This is not a good sign for the state. It couldn’t be any more obvious.

Tom or Ted? You Decide

Jan 25, 2017

Thanks! The 1st Amendment is the 1st Amendment!

Thank you, Gary, for writing and thank you, Laura, for promoting this.

I have family that thinks this way. I see people talking all the time about how their religious freedom is being walked over. They use the term Religous Freedom in the wrong fashion. Religious freedom has to do with being able to practice your religion freely in a free nation. I do not think that a lot of practicing Christians realize that “forcing” their ONE religion as the “only way” is just like what they rail against with Sharia Law. We are a free and mighty nation of many people and many religious practices. Let us keep it that way. Let us not look down on our brothers and sisters for practicing differently than us but be united in our freedom to do so!

A Lesson in How to Spot Fake News

Dec 12, 2016

Thank You

I deal with these types of articles from my family. They sent this kind of stuff to me regularly or they posted them on Facebook and then I would have to post the links to why they are wrong. It has become so annoying. Also, the fact that Donald Trump has started calling everything “fake news” is only setting the American people up to only listen to what he tells them to listen to. All to familiar in history. This is a scary time for us all.

Iowa among the target states for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson

Aug 30, 2016

What is considered sane for the GOP anymore? Maybe this Libritarian.

I decided to sit down and watch a few things about Gary Johnson and then read a few more things. I can see how this guy is picking up some support. After spending the last couple of weeks making phone calls and hearing the disappointed voters, the apathetic voters and the uninterested voters speak. This guy sounds like a middle of the road “common sense” guy in comparison to the GOP pick currently parading around like an angry attack dog. The day when a libertarian seems like the “good choice” to mainstream republicans is the day we thought would never come. But, here it is!

I wonder if they are keeping polls on him. I got two push polls in the last two weeks one against my state house democratic candidate and one against my state senate candidate. Both asked “if the presidential election were today would you vote for, Democrat Hillary Clinton, Republican Donald Trump or Libertarian Gary Johnson” no mention of Jill Stein by the way.

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