For The Life of Me

Dec 06, 2016

Focus on money hurts the party

Hillary outspent Trump 2 to 1 and we still lost across the ballots in Iowa because we had an anchor, not a sail, at the top of the ticket (DLC recruiting Judge to run was another disaster). Democrats can not be the party of high finance, of Wall St. donations, of corporate welfare, of tax breaks for so-called “job creators”, for big ag’s continued pollution of our water and erosion of our soil. Bernie demonstrated that money flows from the bottom up if the candidates work their campaign, their policies and their messaging with same bottom up philosophy.

Dealing with America Inc.

Nov 30, 2016

Messaging and policy

I hear what you are saying. But as Democrats have become more and more centrist, corporatist, and conservative in their policies (supporting NAFTA, tax cuts for “job creators”, TIFs, backing off support for pensions, flirting with privatizing Social Security aka “entitlement reform”, supporting corporate ag, they have alienated their base and blurred the lines that define the differences in the parties. of course social issues still define the differences and are important, but as this election demonstrated, its easier to divide people who are economically insecure than it is to unite them on social issues.

Dealing with America Inc.

Nov 30, 2016

Dealig with non-partisan offices

Right now, the majority of school board members are registered Republicans, even in districts with Democrat majorities. So regardless of the election itself being classified as “non-partisan”, the elected officials in these offices are indeed partisan. I’m not suggesting we revert these back to partisan elections (another conversation). I’m saying that the Democratic Party can and should still be actively involved in so-called non partisan elections, nothing in law prohibits parties from still supporting and promoting its own candidates to its database of activists, etc or using the VAN or other databases that the Democrats use in other elections. They simply chose not to.

Take Back Muscatine

Jun 22, 2016

"John Smith"

I find it very insulting that you denigrate an adult woman, a leader, a professional in the non-profit sector by implying that she was somehow bullied to run. the only bullying I see is coming from the city manager.

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