Lora Conrad

State omits some FDA-approved tests from Iowa’s COVID-19 case counts

Aug 01, 2020

Comment from Van Buren Resident

As a resident of the County, I very much appreciate the Health Dept. and Hospital for making it clear that we have so many more cases than the state reports and the reasons for that. They are now posting this daily on FB, it appears. They have made it clear that seeking the PCR test can result in a delay of up to two weeks in getting the results. That would make the test pretty worthless.

Iowa wildflower Wednesday: Aunt Lucy (Waterpod)

Jun 01, 2017

Excellent presentation

Your use of the contrast between the Aunt Lucy plant and flowers and surrounding small flowering plants is very effective both in helping one spot the Aunt Lucy plant and in demonstrating just how tiny the flowers are. Glad you could use some of my photos to add to your already excellent collection of photos. Maybe she will be noticed more now as hikers walk through the spring woods.

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