Please, for the sake of the nation (and my heart, body and soul)

Sep 25, 2018

Stand for something!

You have it right Laura! The business of getting elected and representing people calls for truth and honesty. It calls for working hard and listening to people. It stands for standing up for values, people, and our future. It is too important to mess around and “bend the truth.” Activists must take care of themselves or run the risk of wearing out as the finish line comes in sight. I too have felt defeated, hopeless, and discouraged since 2016. This election can’t come soon enough for me. We all need to hang in there, hold candidates and electeds accountable, and begin to repair the damage. Thank you for writing and helping me get in touch with what I am feeling.

Fourteen Iowa House Democrats who seem content to stay in minority forever

Feb 17, 2018

The whole story

Don’t forget, 2016 was a BIG Presidential race year. Some contributors, knowing I was a strong incumbent, told me I had their support, but they were giving to campaigns that need it more, including Presidential candidates. Counting the contributions candidates took in doesn’t tell the entire story. The Representatives you listed helped with fundraisers for the Truman Fund, travelled to help other candidate with fundraisers, door knocked and made phone calls for new candidates, gave hours to mentor and listen to new candidates, and much more. In 2016, I raised and contributed $23,500 to the Truman Fund.We seem convinced that money is the only way campaigns are won. There are so many variables that affect a win. While money is important, voter contact, awareness about issues, values, District network, and fire in the belly are also important. In 4 of the 11 races you analyzed, the Democratic Party contributed more than the Republican Party. Everyone on your list is a great policy maker in the Iowa House and a fighter for the people. I always know I can do more, and truly plan to do just that this year. Thank you for the challenge. Next time look at more than the contributions.

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