Stakes are too high, Caucus today!

Nov 27, 2007

Why not caucus today?

I don’t favor a national primary either. I’m all for candidates really paying the long over due attention to citizen opinion. NPC is an effort to encourage citizens to form their opinions before the primaries. It’s really a way to engage and empower citizen opinion back into our political process.

Stakes are too high, Caucus today!

Nov 28, 2007

i certainly agree with jhoward

people should have a fair chance to voice their opinions…NH and Iowa are not demographically representative of the entire nation’s population…is that fair?

BTW…correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t NH like the 3rd richest state in the nation? how is that representative of the entire nation?

Stakes are too high, Caucus today!

Dec 03, 2007

but iowa...

is demographically not representative of the american population…if you read the comments above, we’re not favoring a national primary. We are in favor of a spread out primary system. But given the frontloaded schedule we’re facing, we have no other choice but to turn to NPC to voice our opinions before the primary states do. How else do you think people who aren’t lucky enough to live in the early primary states get a fair chance in voicing their opinions? Riddle me this…

Bush and Dems not that far apart on housing crises

Dec 06, 2007

Dodd doesn't care about the people...just getting elected.

Senator Dodd has been so busy campaigning that his committee staff is hijacking the housing agenda. Word on the hill is that the staff is buddy-buddy with Senate Republicans like ranking minority member Richard Shelby (R-AL) on the Banking Committee. That’s really why Dodd is against downpayment assistance.

It’s a shame because with falling housing prices, lenders are going to become more strict on loan requirements, shutting out many working families of moderate income that don’t have family network to go get a gift from for the down payment.  Im sure if someone asked, folks on Dodd’s staff or his Banking Committee staff have asked for a received some help from their families when buying their first house. Senator Dodd,, he might not have needed help, I don’t know. But I know his Dad was a Senator so he had a lot of help if he needed it. That’s what the downpayment assistance program does-it stands in the place of a parent with menas to pull the next generation up into homeownership and wealth creation. Doddd and the rest of the Democratic Senate should be for that. The only other avenues to homeownership fpor many left behind are (1) predatory loans or (2) downpayment assistance programs…which Dodd and Republicans are shutting down.


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