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National Corporate Greed Going Local for the Holidays

This should be the story of a win-win situation. In the middle of the  Great Recession, a nationally prominent mega-corporation manages to  achieve phenomenal profitability and decides to share its good fortune  with the wage workers who helped make that profit possible. All of that  happens to be true about Express Scripts (Nasdaq: ESRX), the nation’s second-largest pharmacy benefits  manager–all except for the decision about how to thank its workers. To  show their gratitude, Express Scripts managers went in a different  direction. First, they publicly lauded union workers at their most  efficient processing plant. Then they told them they were losing their jobs. And they're poised to do the same thing to workers at their plants in thirteen other states. Sometimes corporate America’s capacity to stick it to the little guy is  so astounding, you can’t help but feel impressed by the chutzpah.

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