Weekend open thread: Is Democratic unity possible?

Feb 26, 2017


I was a Dean supporter in this race, and didn’t really care about who won the race once he dropped out. I say that because I knew he would focus on actually building the party and recruiting candidates. Now the whole thing will be based upon the ideological splits.

We have to become the party that wants to protect manufacturing jobs again, even if means protecting outdated technology. This is extremely hard to do in a world where younger people think all technological advances are a good thing. Trump is beating us to the punch in the media by painting his brand as the guy who will protect your blue collar job.

Enter Bleeding Heartland’s 2016 Iowa general election prediction contest

Nov 06, 2016


1. 1.44 million

2. Clinton-3`3 Trump 225

3. Clinton-53 Trump-45 Others-2

4. Trump-51 Clinton-48 Others-1

5. Grassley: 53 Judge: 46 Other: 1

6. Vernon-51 Blum-49

7. Loebsack-55 Peters-45

8. Young-53 Mowrer-47

9. King-60 Weaver-40

10. Republicans-56 Democrats-44

11. Democrats-26 Republicans- 23 Indy-1

12. Blum v. Vernon

13. Iowa Senate District 29

14. Cady-56

15. Nevada

16. Ohio

17. Republicans-232 Democrats-203

18. 51 Democrats 49 Republicans

19. Trump-65 Clinton-35

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