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What if Democrats and Republicans Worked together?

I may be a Democrat but I do believe there are good and bad about both parties, and that in order for this country to do any good for its people that the government is working for they need to put their sometimes petty differences aside and work together.

 I have had this conversation with both my Democrat and Republican friends and for the most part we agree that this current congress isn't accomplishing things because they can't fathom the idea of breaking party lines and work together to pass important legislation that would benefit this country.  It seems that all we hear is that Democrats are doing this or Obama wont work with Republicans to pass a bill.  We also hear Republicans wont work with Democrats or Obama and all they want to do is shut down the government or block what Obama is doing simply because he is a Democrat.  And this is a shame because it isn't congress who is suffering it is us the citizens that our representatives are elected to work for that are for better lack of word suffering and not getting the things that we need to be the best nation we can be.

I think and this is just me that if our representatives Democrat or Republican put aside their egos and reached across party lines then some amazing things could happen in this country and The United States would be much better off for it.  For example we could balance the budget or hopefully get close, we could make The Affordable Healthcare Act better, Unemployment would maybe go away, we could come to a decision that benefits everyone when it comes to what the minimum wage should be so that there is less poverty and so people could survive working only one job. Our education system would be better also.  I believe that overall our already great country would be better off if Democrats and Republicans worked together (this doesn't mean they have to agree on everything, but come to compromises that help the people as a whole) this country would be even better!