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What if Iowa had politicized redistricting?

(Thanks to the diarist for a fun trip to an alternative universe. For an outstanding overview of some realistic post-census Iowa maps, check out ragbrai08's post on redistricting. - promoted by desmoinesdem)

Iowa is among the small number of states that use a bipartisan (or nonpartisan) commission to perform redistricting every 10 years. The resulting maps are often very competitive and fair when compared with those of many other states.

However, I started thinking anout what would happen if, hypothetically, the party in charge of the legislature controlled redistricting rather than the commission. What would such a map look like? How would the current incumbents be affected?

The map the I created was designed to help Democrats because currently the legislature is under Democratic control and the governor is a Democrat. In this hypothetical scenario, Republicans cannot block the plan through filibusters or avoiding a quorum. Since Iowa is set to lose one of its districts after the 2010 census, my plan uses four districts rather than the five that currently exist.

My main goals were to:

-Maintain Democratic advantages in eastern Iowa

-Protect Leonard Boswell

-Dismantle Tom Latham's district and force him to run against Steve King

(Note from desmoinesdem: current map and ridiculous-looking gerrymandered map are after the jump.)

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