Troy Price resigning; who will replace him as Iowa Democratic Party chair?

Feb 15, 2020

This may sound like I'm being deliberately obtuse...

…but that is not the case and my obtuseness is genuine. At some point, I would like to know more about why being first in the nation is so important to electing Democrats in Iowa, and how difficult it would be for Iowa to adjust to a new national system in which Iowa did not go first.

Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky, among others, succeeded in fighting off attempted Republican trifectas, and Iowa did not. In that sense, we already lost the fight. But I do know every state has a unique political culture. Is Iowa’s political culture such that if we didn’t go first in the nation, Iowa would become even more, politically, like Nebraska?

If so, maybe other obtuse Iowa Democratic voters like myself need to learn that. And I would have said “Kansas” instead of “Nebraska” except that of course Kansas has divided state government. Iowa is now redder than Kansas.

Am I a member of the media? Iowa Republican leaders still say no

Feb 14, 2020

I might have hesitated at the term "Republican political depravity" years ago...

…but those days are gone. “Depravity” is defined as “moral corruption.” The shoe fits all too well.

As for Gannett, I subscribe to four Iowa newspapers now, and if I had to drop one, it would be the REGISTER. As a REG subscriber for forty years, I am pained to have to say that. I feel bad for the staffers who are doing the best they can.

Compromise brewing on MidAmerican’s solar bill

Feb 10, 2020

Thank you for this good report

It would be wonderful if a good compromise bill passed and thereby blocked future potential bad bills. And if a good compromise passes, it seems clear that one reason will be the recognition of many stakeholders, not just one or two.

One reason for Iowa’s awful farm pollution situation is because only Big Ag is regarded as a stakeholder. The rest of us in Iowa are regarded as bupkis.

It needs to be said: Abolish the caucus

Feb 10, 2020

I don't submit platform planks anymore...

…but I and some other Iowa conservationists used to work hard on pro-environment platform planks in Iowa years ago. I know we at least raised political awareness of certain issues that weren’t getting much attention, and I think at least one state bill passed partly as a result. If that work made us “nerds,” I’m sure most of us would willingly accept the label.

Regarding the fate of the Iowa caucuses, the real point has been missed

Feb 07, 2020

I agree with you...

…though I would be willing to accept a different system if there were a very user-friendly absentee-ballot option. At my caucus, I saw neighbors who had flown in from their winter stay in the Southwest specifically to participate (suppose they hadn’t had the money?) There was a couple who came late with three little kids, only to be told they were too late to vote (caucuses are NOT easy for parents of young children). Absent was a young Iowan I know who would have really liked to be there but was abroad, like some other young people who would have liked to participate. And who knows how many elderly people, sick people, shift workers, etc., could not be present.

I’ve been caucusing since 1980. But the inequities in the system are just too obvious now. Unless/until there are drastic changes, I’ve caucused for the last time.

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