The wrong message at the wrong time

Sep 15, 2020

Trump doesn't have to win the popular vote, he could lose it by a few million votes...

…and he could still win the election via the same kind of Electoral College route he used last time. My biggest fear is that too many people will assume Biden has victory in the bag and fail to vote accordingly. Complacency is part of what gave us a Trump victory in 2016. Optimism could unfortunately do the same this year.

Iowa surpasses New York, New Jersey in COVID-19 cases per capita

Sep 14, 2020

Where is Reynolds getting her "Iowans are doing the right thing" data??

I wish there was an informal state website that would take reports and list Iowa businesses that are essentially maskless. It would not be with any hope that the businesses would change, not with Reynolds in charge, but just to warn the public. I stopped in one rural Iowa business in which neither staff nor customers were wearing masks, and people were standing around chatting in each other’s faces as if the pandemic did not exist. And a rural friend later told me that’s the norm in her area, which is why she stays home as much as possible.

Here’s why Iowa’s COVID-19 approach needs to change

Sep 09, 2020

I just checked again with a friend in a different county...

…and as of the afternoon of 9/9, neither of us can get any numbers or maps from the IDPH covid website, and that has been true since last week. Both of us were able to get info from that website for months. We both live in rural areas, but that shouldn’t make a difference. Even if some of the numbers on the covid website are dubious, it would be helpful to be able to see them.

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