Branstad has no case against expanding Medicaid (updated)

Feb 22, 2013

It's not about the money

Branstad’s office argues that 10% of the expanded Medicaid costs (after the first three years of no cost) will just be too much for Iowa taxpayers to bear.  Above all else the state budget must be protected. There are two inevitable conclusions to draw from Branstad’s financial opposition to Medicaid expansion.  One is that Branstad has absolutely no faith in his own administration’s ability to improve the Iowa economy by the time the Iowa 10% kicks in even though he constantly touts his ability to create jobs and a favorable business climate.  The second conclusion is Branstad is so beholden to the right wing of the Republican party that he is blind to the overwhelming majority of the leaders and professionals in the health field supporting the expansion.  It’s a tough question for the governor of Iowa to either do the right thing or follow the right wing.

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