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Senator Grassley's Bizarre Behavior (updated)

(Here's one view of Grassley's investigation of the LightSquared project, which I haven't previously covered at this blog. For balance I've added several statements from Grassley in the comments blow. Incidentally, Grassley did change his position on PIPA last month.   - promoted by desmoinesdem)

Many of us who became bloggers did so to keep politicians honest. As that pertains to our Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, it seems to be getting more difficult these days. Let's just peruse the docket of recent Grassley behavior as summarized by Howie Klein at Down With Tyranny:

Grassley viciously attacked Office of Legal Counsel chief Virginia Seitz because he doesn't like an opinion of hers– something even a former Bush appointee to this position, Jack Goldsmith, referred to as “name callling” and “misplaced.”

He was so rude to the victims of the massacre in Tuscon a year ago that they sent him a letter demanding an apology. And recently the hacker group Anonymous saw him as such a corporate shill for SOPA and PIPA that out of all the corporate whores whose Twitter accounts they could have hacked they thought Grassley's made the most sense.
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