Rathje joins GOP primary to face Loebsack (updated)

Jan 04, 2010

How would a social moderate be defined? And is there such a person

in district two Republican politics?

The reason I ask is that for a group that encompasses 40% of the population right now, the GOP gets the majority of air time and press coverage not only in Iowa but throughout the country. And the range of views that seems to be allowed in that group is very narrow.

The few Republicans I know any more have changed their views to conform over the years. So it appears that the GOP only tolerates a narrow range. Therefore, is there any Republican of stature that could mount a run that would be considered moderate?

On another note, I certainly don’t find Loebsack to be highly partisan. What I will say about Loebsack is that he is out and about the district nearly every weekend making himself quite available to all constituents.  

No, Virginia, there’s no billion-dollar budget gap

Apr 09, 2010

Kudos for making it through one of the worst 'debates' I have ever seen

I will give you much credit.

As for me I peeked in during commercials on Rachel’s show. It was all I could handle after the first ten minutes.

One of the comments I caught was VP saying we should model our business taxes on freaking South Dakota. Good lord, Bob, we want people to come to Iowa, not act like it doesn’t exist.

New Rasmussen poll on the Iowa Senate and governor races

May 03, 2010

It is still very early. Voters not really engaged yet

My thought is that it is still very early and a good portion of voters have yet to form a really solid opinion. But the awareness of problems is alive in the electorate.

Therefore I expect that when the election gets into full swing around September many people will be open to whoever the Democrat is. I have no doubt Grassley will open his mouth again and say something strange. Plus he will be confronted over and over again by the library of gaffes on youtube. Many of those show a real disdain for voters.

As for Culver, well, while I am not a huge fan, the thought of any republican is scary anymore. Branstadt was barely adequate before. Now he will be cowed by the right wing of his own party on his every move.

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