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The Real Threat To Iowa Marriages: letter to a GOP Senator

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Iowa Republicans, in concert with the Huckabee Evangelicals, supposed “Family values” activists, and organized anti-gay marriage groups today went into a full court press to respond to The Iowa Supreme Court Marriage decision of last week.

I moved back to Southern Iowa from Minnesota with my partner last year, to a house in a very small town (pop: under 300) partially to be around some of my remaining family, but mostly because we found a house on three lots we could just about afford to buy, and that would allow us to enjoy the quiet life of gardening and critters we'd always hoped for.

I was very nervous about coming back to this extremely conservative rural Iowa County (Ringgold), but I have supportive, even progressive family here, and there's always Des Moines 65 miles up the road if I want to march, or sit on a friendly gay bar stool.

The house itself was a mess, but having worked together as contractors and remodelers for years, we enjoy the challenge.

And now… as I said in a post on another diary last week, this unamimous Iowa Supreme Court decision left both of us feeling like we'd found a box of currency and gold under one of the floor boards.

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