Stranded Wind

Ammonia Production Methods Update

Nov 04, 2008

civil war

I think it’ll trigger civil wars in other places – as you’ve noticed on DailyKos I cover food security and fertilizer issues. I’ll be crossposting all of my work in that area here as time allows.

 Here locally it just means reduced yields and reduced protein in the grain we do get. We’re so fat and wealthy I can’t determine what it means for us individually, unlike those in countries where a lot of the population is on the edge and they depend on grain as a staple.

IA-SEN: Grassley to Get a Serious Challenger?

Dec 10, 2008

good on renewable energy

He was behind the production tax credit – gotta give him props for that. He doesn’t strike me as a Santorum style mouth breather … we ought to focus on behavior problems first now that we have a majority – cement that sixty plus seats, and maybe think about bumping off blue dogs. We’re going to have to get used to being the majority – the dynamics are different.

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