Urban blight….a photo essay

Mar 05, 2018

Most of these are small, however...

My first winter in our big Victorian was VERY EXPENSIVE. But we have added insulation, rebuilt our windows (never replace!) and put on a new roof, and our heating bills are half what they were. We make it back in the summer. Old houses were built to be cool without AC, so we only turn ours on for the hottest days.

Urban blight….a photo essay

Mar 05, 2018

No, the city is not.

The city is the entity that clears the title of abandoned structures and sells them to developers to complete the renovation. Decades would be an exaggeration. Most buildings ran into trouble after the 2008 market crash, so not even the 10 year point yet. Revitalization is less expensive than demolition, but I breathed a sigh of relief to see a vacant lot where that last house had once been. There’s not one right answer, but ignoring the problem is definitely the wrong answer, in my opinion.

School choice isn’t really a choice

Apr 23, 2017

Separation of Church and State

Using public funds (public school buses) to send kids to a religious school only helps people in the religious majority. I’m Jewish, many in my neighborhood are Muslim. Getting a school bus trip to a non-secular school doesn’t help us and public education is about education for all, not just the wealthy or just the majority religion.

There is not busing available to Bergman Academy, so anyone wanting to choose that option would incur the fees I spoke about.

Your point on tax credits is correct. I’m aware the proposal is for a voucher, but in real life, I restore historic homes often using tax credits, so that’s the name that is first in my mind.

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