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Women, Don't Let Other Women Vote Republican

A few days ago, I wrote a post on why women should not vote for John McCain in the next election. Aside from the depressing fact that very few women probably read my blog, absolutely no one commented on the post. That tells me that either everyone already knows what a putz John McCain is and can't bring themselves to defend him, or that people don't know how dangerous it will be for women's rights to have him in office.

My mission in life for the next five months is simple. Friends don't let friends vote republican. Especially women.

Every time I meet a female republican, i'm always struck by a common theme. They're either republican because they grew up in a republican household and just never bothered to question it, are republican because their husbands are, or they are just plain old right-wing nutjobs. These are the three categories I think the last one is a loss, but the first two are definitely persuadeable. 

Engage your republican women friends in conversation. Ask them sincerely about their beliefs on important women's issues like the right to choose, and they will secretly confide: “Well, I believe in that right.” Ditto for equal pay. “Of course women should be paid the same as men when working in the same job.” Ask them about domestic violence and the fact that it's pretty much the same jail time for kicking a dog as beating up a spouse or girlfriend. They'll tell you that it should be more serious to injure a person.

Ask them if they think that contraception should be made available at a discount to adult women on college campuses. They will all say yes. They themselves will recall what it was like to be in college and how thankful they were for student health services on campus.

On health care, ask them if they think that basic health care coverage should be provided to all. I'm guessing that probably 95% of them would say yes.

Ask them if they think that providing daycare to women who are clawing their way out of poverty is key to gaining self sufficiency.

Once you are done thoroughly listening to their answers, then ask them why they would even considering voting republican. Republicans want to talk about taxes and tax breaks. They want to take away a woman's right to choose and her access to safe and affordable birth control. They focus on social ills, but not what causes the problems. They throw people in jail for many years, and then refuse to consider new prisons until someone escapes. They are also known for not funding drug treatment programs that keep people out of jail in the first place.

Maybe they just THINK they are republicans, when all along they've been democrats. Give them a chance to realize that their vote counts. Then close the deal. Ask them to vote for a democrat this fall. It could make a very big difference. 

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