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Does your head hurt like mine??

I’d love to just get in there and hear what fellow Democrats have to say/suggest.

One thing I’d love to see most is absolutely no more comments about Trump/his supporters/his campaign, no more arguing, no more backlash, etc…. I want to see our Democratic party get back to running a clean campaign and hearing what our party will do for this country and moving forward.

I’m just exhausted in hearing of when we’ll hear about Trumps taxes, his health reports, etc. We’re starting to behave more like ‘Trumps’:  If Hillary just faces things head on (as she has) without falter, I believe we’ll start pulling out of a dark ugly hole we’re going to easily fall into!!!

My mother used to say ‘IGNORE THEM’ – and they’ll go away!

NO MORE NEGATIVE from the Democrats – we need to be respected!