# Benefit

Iowa City Flood Relief Benefit Rock Show, Thursday Night

So, this is a little self-whorin, I guess, but I wanted to get the word out to as many folks as possible on as many of my regular blogs as possible.

So, last I heard, some 36,000 Iowans have been displaced by recent weeks' flooding, and that's likely to rise as the cresting continues southward. I know some of them, so do you most likely. We're hoping to do at least a little bit to help them here in the Iowa City area, having secured The United Way of Johnson County's sanction on our all-star benefit show, which will be at The Mill on Burlington (between Dubuque and Clinton) this Thursday, June 19. The Iowa City music community has responded in awesome force, and we've got two of the best known names in our local biz, Public Property and Dave Zollo, headlining tomorrow night's show, with some killer opening acts to make this an all-night, knock-down/drag-out celebration of the selfless giant-hearted people of this city.

The roughed out schedule (which will be semi-fluid for the evening) for the lineup donating their time and talents:

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