Steve King's raging honesty

Ed Fallon: “It doesn’t take a masters degree in anthropology to read between the lines and detect the not-so-subtle racial bias behind King’s comparison.” -promoted by Laura Belin

U.S. Representative Steve King (R-Middle Ages) just can’t help himself. King is, perhaps, the most honest politician in America. No matter how hard he tries, King simply can’t conceal the fact that he’s a flaming racist.

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A flood of hopes and fears

“These are both the most encouraging and discouraging of times”: Ed Fallon reflects on flooding in Iowa and reframing the message of St. Patrick’s Day. -promoted by Laura Belin

Many of us continue to feel the benefits of our time together last September during the First Nation–Farmer Climate Unity March. As Manape Lamere said, “We walk together today so we can work together in the future.” Something like that. If I botched the quote, Manape will correct me, right?

Participants in the First Nation–Farmer Climate Unity March arrived in downtown Fort Dodge for a Celebration of March rally after more than a week on the road. The march started in Des Moines.

So much is going on these days, it’s hard to know where to start. These are both the most encouraging and discouraging of times, as attested to in this message from Jeff Kisling, one of last year’s marchers:

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