How to win in Ankeny

(We can gain a lot of ground this year if we focus on the state House and Senate races. - promoted by desmoinesdem)

Knocking over 2,000 doors(democrats, independents, and republicans).  Having a growing number of volunteers putting in 100+ hours of volunteer time a week at our campaign office.  Raising over $2,000 more than our goal for this time of the campaign.  Passing out nearly 3,000 bottles of water with the campaign logo on it at our only Ankeny parade with a crowd that had some Bleeding Heartland bloggers in it.  Having the love and support of countless friends and family is how to win in Ankeny.

 Please help us continue our momentum and contribute at my website which is  The finance disclosure deadline is 11:59 PM on Monday and every dollar helps get the attention of PACs, the Democratic Party leaders, and key activist. 

 Thank you for your support!


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(You can find Matt Pfaltzgraf's biography at his website:, or you can e-mail him at matt4staterep AT - promoted by desmoinesdem)

This is my first entry and will keep it pretty short.  I am the Democratic candidate in Ankeny running for the seat previously held by Carmine Boal.  I have a long hard road of raising money and knocking doors, but I have been working hard introducing myself to as many people as I can.  I am finishing up school at the University of Iowa and have a long history of working on issues important to Iowans here in the state that I will go into at another time.  I'm happy to share some of my thoughts and views here and hope that anyone that has any questions will get in contact with me.  Thanks and have a great day. 

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