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How to win in Ankeny

(We can gain a lot of ground this year if we focus on the state House and Senate races. - promoted by desmoinesdem)

Knocking over 2,000 doors(democrats, independents, and republicans).  Having a growing number of volunteers putting in 100+ hours of volunteer time a week at our campaign office.  Raising over $2,000 more than our goal for this time of the campaign.  Passing out nearly 3,000 bottles of water with the campaign logo on it at our only Ankeny parade with a crowd that had some Bleeding Heartland bloggers in it.  Having the love and support of countless friends and family is how to win in Ankeny.

 Please help us continue our momentum and contribute at my website which is  The finance disclosure deadline is 11:59 PM on Monday and every dollar helps get the attention of PACs, the Democratic Party leaders, and key activist. 

 Thank you for your support!


How can a Democrat win in Ankeny?

(I hope he'll share his own ideas soon. - promoted by desmoinesdem)

I have my own ideas, but would like to hear from others out there.  I'm looking for constructive criticism and more importantly fresh ideas.



Sunday Mornings with Tim Russert

(I imagine a lot of people learned the language of politics from Tim Russert. - promoted by desmoinesdem)

Back in 1992 my family had just moved to Ankeny from Charlotte, North Carolina and we arrived in town and spent the next week living in the Best Western hotel on the corner of 1st and Deleware. Like every other child I would wake up in the morning on Sundays and watch whatever cartoons and kids shows were on.  However that week was different because we were all in one room and with only one television I watched what my parents wanted to watch and that was Meet the Press with Tim Russert and I was hooked.  We moved into our house on SE Peterson, but our moving truck had still not arrived so my family slept on the floor of our living room and while the rest of the week was filled with working to get our house in order we still watched Meet the Press with Tim Russert on Sunday and I had watched it nearly every week since.  Throughout the years my family moved to different houses in Ankeny, we watched T.V. in different rooms and our tastes in other shows grew and faded, but Meet the Press remained constant.

This was before the internet, 24 hour news stations, and before I knew the difference between a Republican and a Democrat.  I learned the language of politics from watching Tim Russert and the became a critical thinker by learning to question what I was being told and to be able to seperate what was someone giving their facts or their opinion.  It was not flashy and it didn't need to be.  There was nothing to distract us from issues that really mattered and questions that we ourselves asked.  We learned about the person being interviewed but we also learned about ourselves.  While every other part of the news media has changed,  Meet the Press had remained the same.  I learned about politics from the good to the bad and everything inbetween.

 I had the honor of meeting Tim Russert at last year's  Jefferson Jackson Dinner in Des Moines.  He had been talking with a few people and I was standing by waiting for them to finish their conversation and Tim saw me waiting patiently and after he finished he approached me and we chatted.  Other than introducing myself and thanking him for talking to me, I can't remember one thing I said, but I remembered that he acted more excited to talk to me than I was to talk to him.  He asked me questions about where I was from and who I was supporting and why I was supporting them and would wear an expression on his face as if what I said really mattered to him.  I remember thinking that my opinion really mattered to him and that he held on to every word I said.  He thanked me for getting involved in politics and said I would be watching a part of history that night. 

This Sunday Meet the Press won't be on and Tim Russert has passed on but I will always remember how he has touched my life.  The biggest thing I have taken away from Meet the Press with Tim Russert is that politicans have to follow the facts, the facts can't follow the politican.


(You can find Matt Pfaltzgraf's biography at his website:, or you can e-mail him at matt4staterep AT - promoted by desmoinesdem)

This is my first entry and will keep it pretty short.  I am the Democratic candidate in Ankeny running for the seat previously held by Carmine Boal.  I have a long hard road of raising money and knocking doors, but I have been working hard introducing myself to as many people as I can.  I am finishing up school at the University of Iowa and have a long history of working on issues important to Iowans here in the state that I will go into at another time.  I'm happy to share some of my thoughts and views here and hope that anyone that has any questions will get in contact with me.  Thanks and have a great day.