• Canvass

    every single household in your district that you can. The face-to-face time and contact is invaluable. And when I say every household I mean even Republicans, Iowans are nice and won’t be rude to you in your face at their door. If you’re going to win, you have to get some Republicans on your side.

    • I agree totally

      It wouldn’t be enough just to contact the Democrats. People will remember if they had a pleasant interaction with you.

    • Stick to likely voters

      With turnout at 50-60%, you can double your effectiveness by skipping over non-voters.  Your county auditor can give you a list of people who voted in the primary, or last general election, and you probably want two copies: one walking list, and an alphabetical calling list.

      In general, meeting people face-to-face is very effective.  I also recommend getting your yard sign locations lined up early.  A strong yard sign effort will go a long way towards boosting your credibility.

  • Not all people

    Most people in Iowa will be nice to you when you knock on their doors.  I have knocked on several doors when helping Democratic candidates or when I was starting chapters for the Jaycees.  Iowans are generally friendly people and will treat you with respect.

    A couple of years ago I was home on a saturday afternoon and a person knocked on my door.  He said he was running for state representative and wanted to shake my hand.  My state rep is Donovan Olsen.  Who is a good Democrat from Boone.  Now I hate republicans more than I hate a snake.  A snake is atleast honorable.  I told this republican at my door I won’t shake hands with you or any other republican son of a bitch.  Now get off my porch before I throw you off it.  I then followed him up the street yelling at him about how the  republicans are working to hurt and destroy the middle class in America.

    Whenever I see a republican I think of El Daiblo.  No quarter.

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