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William J Meyers website states it is sponsored by Demwebs. Who are Demwebs.  It should state sponsored by Dimbulbs.  Meyers position on the Iraq fiasco macthes Steve King.  His position on immigrants matches Steve King.  Hoefully Meyers will take votes away from Latham.

IA-4 Congressional Candidates Forum TODAY

Just a reminder for those of you in Iowa's 4th Congressional district.   IA-4 Democratic candidates will attend local Candidate Forums to answer constituent questions.

Becky Greenwald, Kurt Meyer, William J. Meyers and Kevin Miskell will attend all three forums.

Fourth Congressional District Democratic candidate Forum

Sunday May 18th, 2008
1:00-2:00 p.m. Knights of Columbus Hall, Waukon
2:30-4:00 p.m. at The Oaks Steakhouse, Highway 9 in Decorah
5:00-6:00 p.m. at Mabe’s Pizza, Cresco

 Hope to see some of you there!


Scott – 

Spreading Diversity

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Since launching my exploratory committee in January of 2007, I've encountered a wide variety of people both online and in person. My exploratory committee lasted 11 months, until I turned it over to an official campaign on Veterans’ Day on the 11th of November Since the official launch, I have spent months on the road collecting signatures for ballot access and for speaking engagements. This entire experience has exposed me to people and places in Iowa that most people will never access. Frozen Wal-Mart parking lots in Mason City, smoke-filled bars in Eagle Grove, and Clint Eastwood-made-famous-cafes in Winterset.

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Latham's vist to Iraq

I received this correspondence today from a soldier I met through myspace who is currently in Iraq.  Please feel free to repost and use.

Nice to hear from you. I would do anything to help see Mr. Latham kicked to the curb. He was just here in Iraq and spent 4 long days with him. I was his escort for his trip here.   He was a pain in the ass while he was here!  Just wanted  photo op's and really didn't care what the real stories are.

I will be awarded my combat action badge this next week. Have had the shit scared out of me several times and a couple close calls. Have seen and treated many hurt soliders and some didn't make it! ):