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Iowa was fifth in voting percentage in 2008.  I am proposing that the state with the highest percent of voters should have the first vote in the 2012 caucuses or primaries.  We were behind Minnesota, Wisconsin, Maine and New Hampshire.

I don't understand why it should alway be Iowa and New Hampshire.  If a state wants to be first let them work for it .  Start with the highest percent of voters and work down to which state is 50th.


There is Justice atlast

Ann Coulter has fallen down and broken her jaw.  Her hatefilled mouth is wired shut.  The only bad part is the wires will eventually come off and she will once again start shooting off her big mouth of hate and lies.


I am always looking for liberal websites to read.  My favorite ones are Bartcop, Buzzflash, and Iowa True Blue.  I am just curious what are some other websites that the rest of you read?


William J Meyers website states it is sponsored by Demwebs. Who are Demwebs.  It should state sponsored by Dimbulbs.  Meyers position on the Iraq fiasco macthes Steve King.  His position on immigrants matches Steve King.  Hoefully Meyers will take votes away from Latham.