William J Meyers website states it is sponsored by Demwebs. Who are Demwebs.  It should state sponsored by Dimbulbs.  Meyers position on the Iraq fiasco macthes Steve King.  His position on immigrants matches Steve King.  Hoefully Meyers will take votes away from Latham.

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keith nichols

  • American007 brought that up

    right after the primary. She wondered whether “Demwebs” might dump his site after he declared he was running as an independent.

    I know nothing about website hosting in general or Demwebs in particular.

    I doubt Meyers will take a significant number of votes from anyone.

  • Yes I did

    I did give money to Meyers.  I thought he had the best chance to beat Latham.  The disabled Marine and his fight with the VA for benefits.  He had a compelling story.  The Des Moines Register in the candidate profile is where I picked up the similarity to Steve Kings positions, on Iraq and immigaration. Unfortunatley I had already voted absentee.  I was in Chicago on business on the day of the primary.

    Meyers came in third in a four way race.  He avoided last place by about 300 votes.  He might take some votes away from Becky.  But I only hope he came take some away from Latham.

    Mr Meyer’s might have had a politcal future.  But his choice to run as an independent is one he will regret if he ever chooses to run for another office.


    • He's not as bad as Steve King

      I haven’t seen Meyers call for an electrified fence to keep out the Mexicans the way farmers keep in cattle.

      But he was using the immigration issue as a way to distinguish himself from the other Democrats running in the fourth district primary.

      Also, I wouldn’t call his rhetoric on Iraq (at least what I heard of it) anything like what I hear from Steve King. Otherwise I don’t think Meyers would have supported Obama for president.

      I will say that when he boycotted the Ames candidate forum and started throwing around accusations about the organizers being “anti-troop,” that was too close to Republican messaging for me.