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A28 – April 28th – will see a number of nationwide impeachment actions.  Iowa will have a presence, thanks to volunteer Sue Ann Johnson:

The A28 Iowa Impeachment Portrait Caravan: I am planning to drive across the great state of Iowa on Saturday, April 28th and meet friends and supporters at various locations along the way (Fort Dodge, Ames, Des Moines, Iowa City, etc.) to photograph people from across Iowa holding block-letter signs to spell “IMPEACH”. I want to demonstrate that Iowans support impeachment and to remind our state legislators of that, too. My schedule is as follows: I’ll be starting out at 8 am in Fort Dodge at the Fort Dodge Public Library. My next stop will be in Ames at the Iowa State Memorial Union (ISU campus) north side fountain (between Union Drive and the front door) at 10 am. At 12 noon, I’ll be in Des Moines at the Iowa State Capitol Building, Spanish-American War Monument (E. 12th Street). The last stop of the day will be in Iowa City at the south side of the Iowa Memorial Union (UIowa campus), near Hubbard Park at 3 pm. This event is for anyone who supports impeaching America’s leaders regarding their decisions to involve our nation in a war in Iraq and their consequent decisions to spy on the American public in open violation of the law and sanction the use of torture. Participants can meet me at one of the above locations, or drive with me caravan-style to several locations. Make a statement without saying a word! Contact: sueannjohnson79 [at] Hotmail

(email address altered for anti-spam sanity- if you can’t figure it out, contact me.)

I’ll be meeting our caravan Saturday at Noon at the Capitol!  Bring your signs –  I’ll be bringing my car with it’s impeachment stickers.

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  • one of my friends

    writes “impeach Bush” on every dollar bill that passes through her hands. She has been doing this for months, maybe even a year. Long live guerilla marketing…

    Thanks for sharing info about these events. Post a diary afterwards to let us know how things went. I am tied up this weekend, unfortunately.