Edwards to the DNC: "There's a Wall around Washington"

John Edwards frames a powerful new argument to the describe our Broken System of Government, which we put up with in Washington DC.

If you haven’t seen it yet, it well worth a listen:

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Great Imaginary, fiery rhetoric!

But what exactly is “this Wall around Washington” that Edwards says we must tear down?

Explore with me, a few ways in which the “Rhetoric Meets Reality”, after the fold, in a simple photo-essay:

Here is the the Transcript of the DNC Speech:

Edwards DNC Speech Transcript, as prepared (pdf)


Here are some the key ideas about that “Wall around Washington” that John Edwards has so keenly identified:


John Edwards:

There’s a wall around Washington and we need to take it down. The American people are on the outside.

And on the other side, on the inside, are the powerful, the well-connected and the very wealthy.

Every single day, working men and women see that wall when they have to split their bills into two piles, pay-now and pay-later;

when they watch the factory door shut for the last time;

when they see the disappointment on their son or daughter’s face when there’s no money to pay for college.

This is not okay. That wall has to come down.

That wall has taken the greatest economy on the planet and put it in jeopardy.

Too many good paying jobs are going to other places instead of your hometown. The tax code rewards wealth and not work.

CEO’s went to work on that wall to protect their huge tax cuts and loopholes and trade deals while the great divides between the haves and everybody else grow wider and wider.

It isn’t class warfare to talk about this — this is the Truth.


America needs a fighter to fix this. America needs a president who will stand up and stand proudly for working people again.


SO what is this “metaphorical Wall” ?

Is it the insular nature of the “Power Elite” attracted to the city of Washington DC itself?

Is it the Echo Chamber in DC that has no time for outside voices?

Or is it anything that prevents “We the People” from getting “True Representation” out of our Elected Officials?

   Lobbyist Influence

Indeed the Wall around Washington is all of these things,

and it stands between the People and the Change We Need!

And this Wall MUST be brought down!

I think John Edwards has it right about Washington!

Kudos, he has the guts to tell the Truth about it!

If only all Candidates were so candid!

If only the People were so honest too.

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