Obama: The only thing you need to know

At a time when our constitution is in such crisis, the symptoms of which can be seen in every aspect of our politics and our government, there is one quote that sticks out to me above all others:

“I don't know if we have had a president that knows as much about the founding document as he does.” – Professor Cass Sunstein, University of Chicago


Kind of looks like the thinking man to me.

More thoughts below…

NOTE: This diary was originally posted on DailyKos 2 days ago. It was very popular over there.  Since we don't get to vote out here in Chicago for quite some time, I thought perhaps I could have more of a voice if I kept all you first in the nation caucus goers informed.  It is part of an ongoing series about Barack Obama's experience, yes I realize the irony, and I'll be catching you all up on them over the next few days if you'd like me to stay.  If you'd prefer to go read the most recent one, on Barack's time at Project Vote!, head over to DailyKos and skip the suspense.

I had respected Senator Obama's time as a professor of constitutional law, but until I had read that quote, I don't think it's full importance was realized. We could be faced with the prospect of a President who knows more about our founding document (although I would argue that wouldn't include the founding fathers, who were there) than any President in at least a century. Not just one who's read it countless times, but who has debated it, defended it, and taught thousands of others about the exact details and historical interpretations of it.

I just thought I would share this quote with you, and hope you'll take a minute to let that sink in. A president who's studied Supreme Court rulings, and understands the exact relation between our constitution and the laws of our land.

A President who knows the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and 14th Amendment so well that he has not only taught about them but has used them in court.

I'll end this with a quote from one of his former students:

Some professors are just kind of going through the motions with you. He actually seemed to take everyone's point of view seriously. If he could bring that to bear in the international level with foreign dignitaries and heads of state, I think that would put us in good standing with the rest of the world.

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