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I just wanted to let you all know that I’ve joined a program with the Media Bloggers Association and Newsweek Magazine to syndicate my writing from here at Bleeding Heartland on a new special page on called “The Ruckus.”  That means that Iowa Caucus news will be reported nationally from a Democrat on the ground.

Here’s what The Ruckus is all about:

“The blog will feature posts from nine MBA-member bloggers about the presidential campaign on a single page, giving readers a convenient sampling of some of the best political blogging from across the country and from key primary states.”

The other bloggers who will be participating in the program are:

  • John Amato,
  • Faye Anderson,
  • Dean Barker,
  • Adam Fogle,
  • Joe Gandelman,
  • James Joyner,
  • Ed Morrissey,
  • Oliver Willis,

I hope you check out their writing as well, and wish me luck!

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