Act on January 1st

Listen folks, we all know that this election is one of the most consequential moments in our nations' history.  We are faced with countless threats, both foreign and domestic, and it is about time that we the American people stand up and act.  We need to choose the right person for the right time. It seems clear that this time calls for Sen. Joe Biden.

Nations such as Iraq, Iran, Russia, China, and most recently Pakistan are all global threats that face Americans and endanger our way of life. We need a President with the depth and breadth of knowledge to take foreign leaders head on and come out ahead.  We need a leader that has the vision and foresight to recognize the din of an ember before it smolders into a worldwide disaster. Sen. Joe Biden has been at the forefront of all the issues that face this nation.  When Musharraf called martial law who was it that convinced him to take another path?  Joe Biden.  Who did Bhutto call when she needed help democratizing Pakistan? Joe Biden.  When it came clear that Iraq was never going to end peacefully without a political solution who drew up a viable plan? Joe Biden.  America, let's wake up and get Joe Biden in the oval office. Please, if you too understand the gravity of this election you will visit:

and pledge to support Joe Biden.  On January 1st we are going to help Joe Biden keep his promises to himself, to America, and to the world by donating anywhere from $5 to $2,300.  It is a righteous cause America. If you want this war to end, if you want Pakistan to become democratic, if you want Universal Health Care, if you want to one day see the fruits of Social Security then you will act on January 1st!  I know I will!

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  • Biden has picked up several

    late deciders in my precinct. I would not be surprised to see him get one of our six delegates.  

  • Reregistering for Joe

    My county chair says she knows of several voters who will re-register as Democrats Jan 3 so that they can vote for Biden.