Edwards Evening News RoundUp: the Big Mo Edition

Greetings and Salutations, to Edwards supporters far and wide.

This Edition is dedicated to that exciting phenomenon called Momentum! The Big Mo.  

All Candidates want it. Lately though it seems the fight and the message of John Edwards has captured it. So take a quick tour of all the hopeful signs that since the People are finally tuning in, that more and more People are connecting to what John Edwards is saying …

Here’s some of what’s up:

(1) Campaign a shared mission for the Edwardses (with video)

(2) InsiderAdvantage Poll shows Edwards winning Iowa

(3) Edwards Forges Ahead in Iowa

(4) Edwards Sees Cash Bonus From Iowa Win

(5) TMP Edwards camp’s fundraising numbers on the rise

(6) John Edwards – A “Bin Buster” (with video)

(7) Finally – Edwards on the move (with video)

(8) Edwards’ Op-Ed: America Will Rise

(9) CNN Poll: New Hampshire primary races neck-and-neck

(10) Unmistakable Momentum in New Hampshire

(11) Looking ahead to February 5th States

(12) The Pre-Primary Buzz? All Edwards

Here was some very positive coverage of John and Elizabeth, reported in the New York Times, and covered by MSNBC too. Here are some excerpts, although the entire article is quite good.

Note: the MSNBC Link has good clip of an Edwards Interview with TODAY’s Matt Lauer.

(1) Campaign a shared mission for the Edwardses


By Kate Zernike — NY Times

Dec. 31, 2007

Campaign a shared mission for the Edwardses

Wife Elizabeth describes the presidency as not just his quest, but hers, too

In an instant, a world in which everything seemed right suddenly seemed all wrong. John and Elizabeth Edwards’s 16-year-old son, Wade, their first-born, was dead, with nothing to blame but the gust of wind that had flipped his car off a wide-open road.

In the bleak months that followed, the Edwardses looked for ways to keep Wade’s name alive, taking comfort even in seeing it printed on credit-card offers that arrived in the mail. Determined to honor their son publicly and fill their life with meaning, they created a learning center named after him. They chose to have more children. And they decided Mr. Edwards would enter politics, a path that took him first to the United States Senate and now to his second run for the presidency.

The campaign is a shared mission. Elizabeth Edwards is her husband’s most trusted adviser, his chief provocateur and his most popular surrogate …

But to the Edwardses, their decision simply showed a sense of purpose and a lesson learned a decade ago from crushing pain: If you can’t control life, you can at least embrace it more urgently.

“We’ve been through the worst a couple can go through,” Mr. Edwards said in an interview. “So long as there’s something you can do that’s positive, there’s a chance. As long as there’s a chance, there’s something to hold on to.”

[pg 3]

Friends say Mr. Edwards probably would have gone into politics even if Wade had lived. But his death provided a catalyst.

“When Wade died, I think John examined life and came to the conclusion that he wanted to try to paint with a broader brush and try to change the world not one family at a time, not one person at a time, but in bigger ways that would have more permanent and lasting effects,” said David Kirby, Mr. Edwards’s former law partner. “He sees what he does in his political career as a way to honor his son.”



Link to the original NY Time Story:


1st Link has the Video: Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards discusses criticism of his campaign finances with TODAY’s Matt Lauer.

(Edwards talks about the excitement and momentum in Iowa, and thoughts on Lobbyists, etc)

Some awesome polling news from Iowa, given the 2nd choices:

(2) InsiderAdvantage Poll shows Edwards winning Iowa

InsiderAdvantage Poll

Iowa Democratic Caucus Poll

The poll was conducted Dec. 28-29.  Question 1 was conducted among 788 likely voters in the Democratic caucuses, for a margin of error of plus or minus 3.4%. The data have been weighted for age and gender. Crosstabs are weighted also.

1. If the vote for the Democratic nominee for president were held today would you vote for:

Dec 28 – Dec 29

Clinton  30.0 %

Edwards  29.0 %

Obama  22.0%

Another candidate  14.0 %

Undecided  5.0 %

2. If you are planning to vote for a candidate other than Clinton, Edwards, or Obama, and your candidate fails to receive the required 15% of the overall caucus vote in the first round of voting, and if the remaining choices were Hillary Clinton, John Edwards, Barack Obama, which candidate would you vote for as your second choice? (among those who were either undecided or planned to vote for another candidate)

[ie. 2nd Place Choices]

Dec 28 – Dec 29  

Edwards 62.0 %

Clinton 21.0 %

Obama 17.0 %



These results were summarized here:

Reallocated Numbers Based on Second Preferences Gives Edwards A Solid Lead

Compiled from InsiderAdvantage and Southern Political Report staff reports

December 31, 2007

Critically, Edwards was the second choice of 62% of those who supported other candidates that did not receive the required 15% of the vote. Clinton was the second choice of 21% and Obama of 17%.

Using the reallocation methodology InsiderAdvantage used in 2004 – which correctly indicated a fairly comfortable win for John Kerry – our new poll reveals that, if the caucuses were held today, the reallocated final outcome would be:

Edwards: 41%

Clinton: 34%

Obama: 25%



That’s a projected 9 point win for Edwards, Iowa!

The CBS senses something’s up in Iowa too:

(3) Edwards Forges Ahead in Iowa


Edwards Forges Ahead

Dec 31, 2007

Posted by Aaron Lewis

Edwards questioned whether other candidates would, in fact, be able to take on corporate interests.

If they don’t take it personally, if it’s academic, if it’s intellectual, if it’s political, the first time the tough fight comes, they will do the political thing,” said Edwards. “You can take that to the bank.”

Meanwhile, an Edwards official tells CBS News that the campaign plans a couple of big ad buys in the final hours before the Iowa caucus.

According to the official, Edwards intends to run a full-page ad in tomorrow’s Des Moines Register. The campaign has also bought 60 seconds of ad time on all three local network affiliate evening newscasts on BOTH Wednesday and Thursday nights.



Hopeful, but still Fighting to win it!

AP reports Momentum has turned in Edwards’ favor too

(4) Edwards Sees Cash Bonus From Iowa Win


Edwards Sees Cash Bonus From Iowa Win



DENISON, Iowa (AP) – Democrat John Edwards has parlayed years of grass-roots campaigning into momentum when it counts the most – just as Iowa launches the presidential nominating season.

Though he’s got less money than rivals Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama, if he can pull off a victory on Thursday, cash and other help could come flooding in almost instantly in this high-tech political world.

Edwards strategist Joe Trippi noted that John Kerry began raking in $2 million a day after winning Iowa four years ago, and he says Edwards could again walk the same path.

The campaign plans to run a 60-second ad in Iowa during the evening news Wednesday and Thursday summing up his message of fighting corporations and special interests. He also has purchased a full page ad in the Des Moines Register that will appear Tuesday.

The former North Carolina senator, restrained from using his personal fortune by his decision to accept public campaign financing, has raised far less money and runs a smaller organization in Iowa than his chief rivals for the Democratic nomination.

No matter, he says. The presidential nomination contests are so compressed this time – “bam, bam, bam” – that strong early showings should be rewarded nationally, and a nominee produced in short order.

“If you win the Iowa caucuses, you are going to be heard very loudly and clearly in these other places,” he said.

Still, Edwards argues that the aura of a winner will be worth more than cash after Iowa.

I don’t think it’s money-driven at that point,” he said. “If you’ve been successful in Iowa, you’ve been successful. Free media … will overwhelm anything anybody spends.”

And he dismissed the significance of the money edge developed by Clinton and Obama.

We’re having an election, not an auction,” he said.


It seems recent favorable Press coverage has directly led to record donations to the Edwards Campaign, mostly from small donors:

(5) TMP Edwards camp’s fundraising numbers on the rise


Source: Edwards Appearance On Morning Shows Brings In Big Fundraising Bucks Today

Dec 31, 2007

By Greg Sargent

A source familiar with the Edwards camp’s fundraising numbers tells me that between 11 AM and noon today — after Edwards appeared on CBS, CNN and The Today Show — the campaign raised more money online than they have in any previous hour of the campaign.

The source says that more than one third of today’s donors are first-timers, and adds that virtually all the contribs are under $100.

What’s more, the source claims that the Edwards campaign has raised more money online during this quarter, which ends today, than in any previous quarter. All in all, these are perhaps more signs of Edwards momentum heading into the Iowa caucuses.



That year end Quarter ENDS Tonite! Don’t forget to Donate, if you can:



More signs of the Iowa Momentum, Over-flow Crowds in Iowa:

(6) John Edwards – A “Bin Buster”

A capacity crowd greets John Edwards in Independence, Iowa. Congressman Bruce Braley introduces Senator Edwards

John Edwards – A “Bin Buster”



The stodgy reporting from the UK, has even noticed the Edwards Momentum, in New Hampshire as well as Iowa:

(7) Finally – Edwards on the move (with Video)

UK Guardian

Finally – Edwards on the move

Dec 30, 2007

Landing in New Hampshire the day after Christmas, Edwards barnstormed across the state. We accompanied the candidate as he knocked on doors in Nashua, in the southern part of the state, doling out boxes of doughnuts and coffee to anyone who answered.

There are signs his campaign is at last gaining traction. The best indication may be in Iowa where the carefully calibrated campaign of Hillary Clinton has moved deliberately away from the Bhutto assassination – and foreign policy in general – to a fresh emphasis on domestic issues. With Hillary under savage attack and in near desperation, she is beginning to sound a lot like Edwards.

For months, Edwards has been pushing a slew of initiatives aimed at ending the disparity between the rich and poor in the two Americas. He alone talks of poverty. It is Edwards who openly embraces the mantle of Roosevelt’s New Deal. He does not shy away from federal regulation. He demands that the big insurance and pharmaceutical companies step aside to make way for universal health care. He wants federal controls over interest rates and prosecution of those ripping off home owners facing foreclosure due to sub-prime mortgages. …



There is a great “on the ground” Video from NH, in that link!

Here is an excerpts from the video, John Edwards speaking:

I think people are very concerned about strengthening and growing the middle class, are worried about jobs, I hear that consistently.  They want a president who will stand up for those things.  It is also important to present will fight against corporate power and corporate greed that is going on in America today.  That is doing incredible damage to the middle class.  I think all those things are central and are things I will do as president and fight for as a candidate.

My strong sense is that people are still listening very carefully to the candidates to decided what to going to, which is a good thing. I think it’s a wide-open race here in New Hampshire.  And I’m excited about coming back after the Iowa caucuses.

John Edwards wrote an Opinion-Editorial in an Online NH Paper, NH Union Leader:

(8) Edwards’ Op-Ed: America Will Rise

Dec 30, 2007

In New Hampshire’s Union Leader, Edwards says he has faith that the American people will come together and America will rise to great heights

Manchester, New Hampshire – Today, an op-ed authored by Senator John Edwards ran in the Sunday edition of New Hampshire’s Union Leader.

We are at a crucial moment in our nation’s history,” Edwards wrote. “For the last seven years, the Bush administration has lied to the American people, abandoned the middle class in favor of wealthy special interests, undermined our Constitution and destroyed our alliances and relationships around the world. Despite all of this, the American people are just as goodhearted, patriotic, and hard-working as ever. The fundamental goodness of the American people gives me great confidence and optimism that America will rise from this dark period, just as we have countless other times in the past when things looked bleak.



Here is the Direct link to the actual Op-Ed:

NH Union Leader

John Edwards: America rising

By JOHN EDWARDS — Commentary

Sunday, Dec. 30, 2007

The American people are ready for a government that looks out for all people, not only the wealthy and that tells the truth all the time, not only when it is convenient. And Americans are ready for a government that never stops striving to be better and fighting for our nation to rise ever higher. In short, we are ready for a government that truly represents the character and spirit of our people.

I’ve also outlined my approach to restore America’s image in the world and to begin to rebuild the alliances and friendships we’ve destroyed over the last seven years. It begins by ending the war in Iraq — no combat troops, no combat missions, no more war.

But here’s the truth: these ideas don’t mean a thing and aren’t worth any more than a piece of paper unless we have a President who will spend every moment of every day fighting for the people that make this country great.



So is Edwards holding his recent gains in NH? The answer is YES, and then some!

(9) CNN Poll: New Hampshire primary races neck-and-neck

Dec 30, 2007

(CNN) – A new poll suggests that the Democratic and Republican presidential contests both appear to be dead heats – tied at the top with just over a week to go until the New Hampshire primary.

Sen. Hillary Clinton of New York and Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois are in a statistical dead heat in the battle for the Democratic nomination in New Hampshire, with 31 percent of likely primary voters supporting Clinton and 27 percent backing Obama. But if you take into account the survey’s sampling error of plus or minus 4 percentage points, it’s a virtual tie at the top. Clinton had enjoyed a lead in most New Hampshire polls the past few months, but the race has tightened recently, with Obama and Clinton basically tied in some surveys.

Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards is in third place at 21 percent. The remaining Democratic candidates are all in single digits.

The phone survey of 600 likely Democratic primary votes and 600 likely Republican primary voters in New Hampshire was conducted December 27-29.



Considering he was at 18-20% range a few days ago, 21% is moving in the right direction!

Here’s some news from the Edwards Blog in New Hampshire:

(10) Unmistakable Momentum in New Hampshire

Posted by Amy Rubin

Dec 30, 2007

On the heels of yesterday’s great profile, today’s Union-Leader features an important op-ed penned by Senator Edwards. The piece lays out the Senator’s detailed policy proposals – policies that will help Americans rise up and build a better world for the future.

In addition to the coverage in New Hampshire, the Washington Post editorial board noted on Friday that when all the presidential candidates were put to the test, it was John Edwards who rose above the rest:

The assassination of Benazir Bhutto presented U.S. presidential candidates with a test: Could they respond cogently and clearly to a sudden foreign policy crisis?

Within hours some revealing results were in. One candidate, Democrat John Edwards, passed with flying colors.


Make no mistake New Hampshire, is still an uphill climb for Edwards. But the good news is, you too can help out in NH, from your own home, check out the link, to find out how.

The Fight to win the Nomination, still has many challenges, but the Edwards Campaign, has mapped out its strategy of the Feb 5th Super Tuesday battle ahead:

(11) Looking ahead to February 5th States

Dec 31, 2007

Building on momentum in Iowa and New Hampshire, Edwards expands base of support in February 5th states across the country, citing particular strength in traditionally “red” states

Chapel Hill, North Carolina – Today, the John Edwards for President campaign announced key leaders and advisors in nine states that will hold presidential primaries and caucuses on February 5th. These current and former elected officials join the campaign’s team of state advisors in all 22 February 5th states, who are already working to help the campaign build on momentum coming out of the nation’s first contests in Iowa and New Hampshire.

The announcement comes as the Edwards campaign highlighted the strength of its organization in February 5th states all across the country, including:

  – State advisors in all 22 February 5th states

  – Endorsements from seven labor unions that together represent more than 1.5 million members in February 5th states

  – Endorsements from a majority of State House and Senate Democratic legislators in North Dakota and Oklahoma

  – 706 One Corps chapters, the local service arm of the Edwards campaign, in February 5th states

  – Statewide grassroots organizing calls held with advisors and supporters in all 22 February 5th states this month.

“There is no question John Edwards is surging in Iowa and New Hampshire,” said Edwards’ national campaign manager Congressman David Bonior. “And that momentum is only going to keep growing, as we head into Nevada, South Carolina and the February 5th states. With the help of the labor community and others, including the list of experienced leaders we are announcing today, the Edwards campaign has built a strong national organization with a wide base of support. We are well-positioned to capitalize on the momentum coming out of strong finishes in the four early primary states and turn it into victories for John Edwards in the February 5th states.”

“I am honored to join Senator Edwards’ team of advisors in February 5th states,” said former Georgia Congressman Ben “Cooter” Jones, who has campaigned for Edwards in both Iowa and New Hampshire. “Poll after poll shows John Edwards to be by far our strongest Democratic candidate in the general election. I’m not supporting John Edwards because of polls, but those same surveys show that John Edwards can win in the so-called ‘red states’ and that’s exciting to me. His strength at the top of the ticket will help other Democrats on the ballot in the South and in the Heartland. John Edwards transcends the ‘Blue State-Red State’ paradigm. He will make the Democratic Party a truly national party once again.”

In addition to adding to its list of key leaders and advisors, the Edwards campaign announced that it had held statewide grassroots organizing calls in all 22 February 5th states this month.

The Edwards campaign also has strong support from seven labor unions in February 5th states which have endorsed John Edwards and together represent more than 1.5 million members in those states. Edwards has earned the endorsement of: the United Steelworkers of America; the United Mine Workers of America; the United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America; the Transport Workers Union; Service Employees International Union (SEIU) state councils in 12 states, including California, Minnesota, Idaho and Massachusetts; the Arizona Communications Workers of America; and the UNITE HERE Chicago and Midwest Joint Board, which represents members in Minnesota, Illinois and Missouri.

The key leaders and advisors in February 5th states the Edwards campaign is announcing today includes:


U.S. Rep. Raul Grijalva (AZ)

AZ State Senator Leah Landrum Taylor; Chair, AZ Legislative Black Caucus


CA Board of Equalization Chair Betty Yee

CA Senate Assistant President Pro Temp Leland Yee

CA State Senator Darrell Steinberg

CA State Senator Gloria Negrete McCleod

CA Assemblyman Anthony Portantino

CA Assemblyman Dave Jones

CA Assemblyman Pedro Nava

Former CA Assembly Speaker / L.A. City Councilmember Herb Wesson

Former CA Assembly Majority Leader Mike Roos

Former CA Board of Equalization Chair Conway Collis

Former U.S. Rep. / Former CA Senate President John Burton


GA Senate Dem. Leader Robert Brown

GA House Dem. Leader DuBose Porter

Former GA Governor Roy Barnes

Former GA Lt. Governor Mark Taylor

Former U.S. Rep. Ed Jenkins (GA)

Former U.S. Rep. Ben “Cooter” Jones (GA)


U.S. Rep. Jim Oberstar (MN)

MN House Majority Leader Tony Sertich

MN House Asst. Majority Leader Aaron Petersen

Former MN State Senator Ted Mondale


MO Senate Democratic Caucus Chair Frank Barnitz

MO House Democratic Whip Connie Johnson

MO House Democratic Caucus Chair Ed Wildberger

MO State Senator Wes Shoemyer

MO State Senator Tim Green

Former MO Lt. Governor Joe Maxwell

North Dakota

ND Agriculture Commissioner Roger Johnson

ND Senate Minority Leader David O’Connell

ND House Minority Leader Merle Boucher

New Jersey

NJ Senate Majority Leader / Former NJ Governor Dick Codey

NJ Senate Deputy Majority Leader Joe Vitale

NJ State Senator Stephen Sweeney

NJ State Senator Nick Scutari

New Mexico

Former NM Attorney General Patricia Madrid


OK Labor Commissioner Lloyd Fields

OK Senate President Pro-Temp Mike Morgan

OK House Democratic Leader Danny Morgan

How You Can Take Action



I’m glad they’re looking ahead to Feb 5th, since the Media will soon set this as the “next hurdle” of viability.

Here an interesting blog, which has compiled even more momentum news, on this Edwards surge:

(12) The Pre-Primary Buzz? All Edwards

from the Dispassionate Liberal Blog

Sunday, Dec 30, 2007



The Momentum is indeed turning for John Edwards. The Tides have shifted, even the Media now seems to be giving Edwards “a fighting chance”.

So when the chips were down it seems, John Edwards and his supporters have Stood up!

So here’s my Executive Summary for tonite:

( many thanks to Jerome Armstrong for the Stats )


Paid Staff:

Kerry ’04: 120

Edwards ’08: 175

Obama: 300

Clinton: 400

TV Advertising (in millions)

Kerry ’04: $2.73

Edwards ’08: $2.7

Obama: $8.3

Clinton: $6.5

Days spent in Iowa

Kerry ’04: 76

Edwards ’08: 80

Obama: 78

Clinton: 66


Having a Message that actually connects and resonants with the hard working People of America …


Tomorrow begins Today!

Happy New Years!!!

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  • Could Hillary get 3rd place in Iowa?

    Could Hillary Clinton get 3rd place in Iowa? The final pre-caucus poll by the Des Moines Register suggests as much…  

    Obama was the choice of 32 percent of likely Democratic caucusgoers, up from 28 percent in the Register’s last poll in late November, while Clinton, a New York senator, held steady at 25 percent and Edwards was virtually unchanged at 24 percent.

    The telephone survey of 800 likely Democratic caucusgoers was taken Dec. 27-30. Interestingly enough, support for Edwards rose significantly — by 3% — for those sampled in Dec. 27-28 versus those polled Dec. 29-30, while Clinton’s numbers have declined by 4% in that time period.

    If this is an actual trend, as opposed to a statistical variance, then Hillary Clinton might find herself with a very disappointing 3rd place finish in Iowa… something likely to significantly impact her results going into the other primaries.

    Interestingly enough, when respondents were asked which candidate best matched their core principles, 28% said Barack Obama, 25% said John Edwards, and 21% said Hillary Clinton.

    Clinton campaign chief strategist Mark Penn — the guy who made a point of referring to Obama’s teenage cocaine use, even after Hillary’s campaign promised to stop bringing it up — tried to spin this bad news in a pretty negative way.

    “The Des Moines Register poll adopts an unprecedented new turnout model for the caucuses, and its new poll is out of sync with the other polling done in the race. . . So we do not see this poll as accurately reflecting the trends we are seeing in other polls, on our nightly canvasses or in our own polls, and voters should understand this is a very close race, and that their participation on caucus night could make all of the difference.”
    Indeed. Mark Penn is annoyed that The Register is predicting that Iowans feel that this is a very important election, and that they are more motivated to caucus this time around. He’s annoyed that the Register aren’t ignoring the opinions of a higher percentage of Iowans, by writing them off as not being  “likely voters”.

    He is counting on independent-minded Iowans — young voters, first-time voters, disillusioned voters, voters tired of an unending, unaccountable conflict in Iraq, tired of sacrificing their rights and freedoms, tired of politics as usual — *NOT* to vote, because he believes that as long as enough people *DON”T* show up to causus, Hillary Clinton could win.

    He’s right. This is a close race, and your participation on caucus night could make all the difference.

    Go vote!