Who's Challenging Tom Latham?

Consider this a general discussion of possibile Dem challengers for Tom Latham in the upcoming general.

My sources in Story County have told me that State Senator Rich Olive has suddenly quit his job in insurance and hasn't given any reasos for departure.  It would make some amount of sense that Rich, whom is popular in Story County, could be recruited to run against Latham even though he's only in his first term.

If Olive has actually beeen recruited, it leads me to believe that the State Democratic Party believes that semi-moderate party line Republicans could be easier targets in the upcoming election.

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  • noneed4thneed posted on this recently

    Could be a primary to challenge Latham:


    • All good -

      The list:

      Kurt Meyer of Marshall County

      William Meyers of Humboldt

      Kevin Miskell of Stanhope (Apparently, something happened with Miskell in Seldon Spenser’s run in ’06, but I don’t know anything about it.)

      Sue Dinsdale

      I’d give Meyers an edge – he’s organized, he’s taking that veteran status and working it like Boswell (gack), but is no Blue Dog.  I like Sue a lot, but she’s got to have broader reputation on other issues.  I’m not sure if the 4th would support a political consultant with 30 years of experience like Meyer.

      Anyway, that’s some good competition.  Olive would most likely be running without a lot of state party support – he was an independent until his run in ’06.  His obvious campaign strengths would be his main street experience, and local bipartisanship and outsider status from the state and national party.  As I said, he’s quite popular in Story County.  Lastly, he’s big Obama supporter – if things go well for Obama . .  

  • Calm down Maggie

    I agree the comment was of poor taste, but just a comment, not a front page post.  You have done a thorough job of debunking it and cleared it up.

    Your research about the owner of the site is correct.  It was started by that person amd then he went to work with the IDP and has rarely, if ever, posted since.  The site is mainly run by desmoinesdem with the occasional posts by Chris, Simon, and myself.

    I want to thank you for being so enthusiastic about your candidate and would like to encourage you to share more about him.

  • Is there a poll?

    I cant seem to find polls for any of the congressional races or a state race? Does anyone know?