Rob Tully and Roxanne Conlin urge Edwards delegates to stick with him

I just got this e-mail from the co-chairs of John Edwards’ campaign in Iowa and wanted to post it for the benefit of you Edwards delegates who read Bleeding Heartland:

Dear Friend,

Many of you have called and written seeking guidance about what those of us who were elected as Edwards’ delegates in the precinct caucuses should do in the county conventions this weekend.  We are writing to you today to ask you to stand up for John this weekend.

Senator Edwards has been talking with both Senator Clinton and Senator Obama on a regular basis.  But he has not endorsed anyone and will not endorse anyone before this weekend.

John is spending most of his time working on the issues that were at the center of his campaign.  In fact, on Wednesday, John had an extended meeting with a group people from across the country about a national effort to keep the poverty issue in the public dialogue and to find real solutions to deal with this fundamentally moral issue.  On Thursday, he participated in a MOVE ON conference call to keep the political pressure on candidates on the need to end the war.  

We all know that John was the leader on every issue during the campaign, from health care to climate change to poverty to economic inequality to the need to reduce the influence of money and lobbyists to reducing college costs to restoring America’s moral authority in the world and on and on.  

In that spirit, this weekend we will be standing up for John Edwards, and we hope you will, too.  

With the economy slipping more and more every day, the need to build One America is more important than ever.   We think it is vital that those of us who were elected as delegates for John Edwards support his candidacy and the issues he raised.  He was fearless in speaking about the underlying truth of where we are as a nation and we think it is incumbent on us to keep that spirit alive at this next stage of the process in Iowa.

Thank you,

Roxanne Conlin & Rob Tully

I am not a delegate, but if I were, I would also be sticking with Edwards this weekend.

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  • Is he still viable?

    That letter isn’t very persuasive.  What is the goal here?

    Is Edwards going to get 15% of any county convention?  If so, will he still get 15% at the state convention?  Not likely.

    My county was 36% for Edwards in January. But his delegates are not all coming to the county convention.  No one is drumming up alternates to replace them.  So his strength is bound to erode.

    If Edwards delegates manage to be viable, the delegates they elect get the perogative to jump to another candidate later.  Why let someone else decide which way to jump? We can jump right now to our second choice:  Obama or Clinton.

    • true

      I see your point. Personally, having no strong preference between Clinton and Obama, I would rather stick with Edwards if at all possible.

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