Hillary, drop out! Sign the petition!

I have seen enough. All of the pundits, liberal, conservative, man, woman, black, or white say the same thing: It is nearly impossible for Hillary Clinton to catch up in the delegate count! To me that says, “It's time to bow out!” If we Democrats want to win in November Hillary Clinton has got to step aside, and clear the stage for Barack Obama to prepare to beat John McCain in the fall! Step aside Hillary, step aside!

I've always known that the Clinton's would do anything to win an election. They have slashed their way to the top, and they think they can do it again. We have a month until the “deciding primary” that is Pennsylvania. If Hillary keeps up this charade, she will not bring herself an inch closer to the presidency, but she will move the finish line further and further away from Sen. Barack Obama! Her lies, exaggerations, low-blows, and cheap-shots, have hurt the Democratic Party, but does she care, absolutely not. The time has come for the Democratic big-foots to step in and stop the madness. I call on everyone from Al Gore, to Howard Dean, and from Nancy Pelosi to Harry Reid to convince Hillary Clinton to take the high-road and bow out.

Logistically, the numbers are stacked up against her. One statistician, and political pundit puts her chances of capturing the nomination alone at just 5%. It would do our party, and our nation well for her to step aside!

If you agree, I urger you to join a national movement and sign the petition! The link is seen below!



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  • I think Obama supporters are wrong about this

    It’s good for the party to have a competitive primary that drowns out McCain in the national media. Let all the remaining states vote, and let’s see who’s ahead when it’s all over. Then the superdelegates will decide.

    Obama is registering thousands of voters every day in PA. That is bound to be good for our party in November, and it would not be happening if Hillary had dropped out already.

    • Your right!

      We can keep the spotlight on us and McCain will slip in the national media. But after PA, I hope she leaves

  • Enough!

    This kind of tit-for-tat is equally painful no matter what side it comes from.

    I’m about ready to say ‘to Hell with it’ and join in with the Draft Gore crowd!  

  • agreed

    a good primary election is good for the cause, BUT, when they start underminding each other and bringing out the dirt on each other, is that really good for the party? Does that not help Mc Cain and the Republicans?

    As a party, i do beleive the sooner we choose one candidate to run against Mc Cain the better off we will be. You know without a doubt, his strategiest are already working full force to devise a way to beat either clinton or obama.  

    If after Penn. Clinton has either lost or only gained 2-3 delegates, I believe she should pull out..but until then lets let the people of the “lesser” states help decide. They may never get another chance like this again.