Miskell and Fallon Live at the EENR Blog This Week

Greetings Bleeding Heartland Readers,

 My name is Benny and I am one of the editors at the EENR Blog.   Some of us have been lurkers at Bleeding Heartland and occasional commenters here, especially last year, when Iowa was upon the eyes of the world as being the first in the nation for caucuses and primaries.  

A little intro:

Our acronym, “Edwards Evolution, Next Revolution,” reflects the formation of the EENR group originally as Edwards Evening News Roundup for supporters of John Edwards during the 2008 presidential primary.

We have continued as EENR because we want to continue the movement for progressive change based on the platform laid out by John Edwards, which we consider the gold standard model for progress in America. We are not affiliated in any way with John Edwards, except as supporters, but we have retained his surname in our acronym as a nod to his significant contribution to the progressive movement.

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EENR’s core philosophy:

EENR’s are unapologetically progressive and populist.  The current system is out of balance, rigged to favor the powerful interests, unable to hear the voices of those without power.  We believe in public financing of all federal elections as a cornerstone to achieve change.

Our government and Constitution belong to the People, who should be protected more than profits.  Equality and economic justice are cornerstones of the progressive movement.  Universal heath care is a fundamental right, and poverty a fundamental wrong, here and globally.  We believe that work should trump wealth, and that a progressive movement must include the working class, unions, and people from diverse backgrounds in all 50 states.  

EENR is focused more on downticket candidates than presidential primaries.  With that in mind:

We encourage intelligent discussion of progressive issues, and substantive communication based on the exchange of ideas.  We discourage attempts to define politics as a sporting or money event.

EENR has endorsed candidates from the different races that are sometimes supported by DFA, Progressive Patriots, etc.  But EENR’s believe about downticket candidates that:

they should prevail on their character, honesty and the power of their ideas and plans to effectuate progressive change, not by how much money they can raise, their stature in the polls, silly gaffes, or the whims of punditry.

Kevin Miskell is a newcomer to the major political scene in terms of running for Congress for IA-04. We are aware he has 3 formidable competitors for his district, not to mention an Republican incumbent that brings home some bacon for the district, Tom Latham.  EENR is presenting an opportunity for Iowans and others to ask more about Kevin’s views on your issues, but also ones that affect all of us in the country.  Kevin will be live from 6-7 on Wednesday evening, May 21st. Bring a beverage and a friend: a happy hour of sorts.

You are welcome to submit questions ahead at eenrblog at gmail dot com, but please for Kevin, get those in by no later than late Tuesday night around 10PM.  

Earlier in March, EENR endorsed Ed Fallon on these principles, but finally, our schedules are coming together this week, and Fallon will be live at EENR on Thursday.  Ed’s town blog is a brownbag as it is noon-1 CT May 22, and you get ask your last minute questions before the homestretch.  You are welcome to submit questions ahead at eenrblog at gmail dot com by 10PM Wednesday night.  

If you haven’t signed up with EENR blog, go to eenrblog at http://www.eenrblog.com/join.do.  Like this blog, it only takes a few minutes to do.  And posting at EENR is identical to Bleeding Heartland as we use the same software.

Please join us at EENR Blog for some interesting conversations with these two candidates, and spread the word.


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  • Thanks for the heads up

    I should be able to catch Miskell and will look forward to reading about what Fallon has to say.

  • is that central time or eastern time?

    Thanks in advance for clarifying. Wouldn’t want Iowans to tune in an hour late!

    • All Central Time

      Onward to more Progressives from Iowa to engage us with conversations! Again, you may submit questions ahead if you like: eenrblog at gmail dot com.  If BH is amendable to questions being posted on this diary, I’ll check in and ensure they get to the candidates, but be certain to specify which candidate you wish to ask.

  • Today's Happy Hour at EENR

    is Kevin Miskell.  He’ll be arriving in about an hour and the live blog will be from 6-7 Iowa time.


    See you there!