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Rick Santorum Possibly Looking to Iowa in 2012

If the townhall screamers weren’t enough these days, a former GOP senator from Pennsylvania is coming to Des Moines for a visit on October 1.

The Politico reports that Rick Santorum will be “speaking to a luncheon and workshop of Iowa’s Right to Life group before heading east to Dubuque, where he’ll headline a fundraiser for the conservative America’s Future Fund PAC and then speak about the future of the GOP to a public audience in the Mississippi River city. ”  He will also be on a radio talk show.

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Des Moines Register Endorses Barack Obama

(Note from desmoinesdem: Obama is still crushing McCain in newspaper endorsements--for the running tally, see Editor and Publisher or DemConWatch. - promoted by desmoinesdem)

The Des Moines Register has endorsed Barack Obama today, joining the Charlotte Observer, the Baltimore Sun, the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, and the Hartford Courant, whose editorial board has endorsed a Democratic candidate only twice in 244 years.

The DMR endorsement is oddly enough based on something McCain’s campaign has been touting for two years: being tested. Despite endorsing McCain last December as the Republican nominee, the DMR believes that Barack Obama has made it through many hoops in Iowa, such as winning the Iowa caucus.

From the DMR:

First test: winning the Iowa caucuses, perceived by many as an improbable feat for a black candidate in an overwhelmingly white state. But Obama believed in the power of his ideas and ideals, and the capacity of Americans to unite around them.

Eleven months later, after more than 80 days spent campaigning in the state, Iowans awarded him victory. They had heard his soaring oratory and sensed his uncommon intelligence, but they also witnessed much more: the consistency of his calls for unifying around common purpose, rather than pandering to age-old divisions, and the way he remained unflappable and his staff disciplined no matter what tumult the campaign trail delivered.

Those qualities have become even more pronounced this fall, during an increasingly negative general-election campaign against Republican Sen. John McCain and descent of the nation’s economy into the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. It has been Obama, not the more experienced McCain, who kept his center as events tilted crazily.

Obama has earned the Register’s endorsement for the presidency because of his steadfastness in the face of uncertainty, his clear-eyed vision for a more just America and his potential for rallying the country to do great things.

The DMR also liked Obama’s approaches to shoring up the middle class by expanding health care coverage and the creation of green collar jobs. Not mentioned in the editorial, but is well known that McCain is against subsidies for ethanol, and that view doesn’t sit well with midwesterners.

Like other newspapers, some whom endorsed Bush last time (the DMR did endorse Kerry in 2004), the DMR believes McCain has run an “erratic” campaign.

Worst of all, in grasping for political edge in his choice of a running mate, he burdened his ticket and potentially the country with an individual utterly unqualified to ascend to the presidency. Before choosing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, McCain emphasized the importance of experience and sound judgment in fighting terrorism and confronting a restive Russia and a rising China. He has also questioned Obama’s readiness to be commander in chief. Then he picked a running mate who clearly isn’t ready.

Sarah Palin’s unreadiness to be President is a common theme in why McCain isn’t being endorsed.

To conclude, the DMR believes, “An Obama presidency presents the best hope for a unified America that aspires to greatness again.”

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New Ad by Obama: Barney Smith

(Great ad! - promoted by desmoinesdem)

You may remember Barney Smith, a midwesterner who was laid off by RCA some time ago, and he spoke at the Democratic National Convention in August.   Today, the Obama camp released an ad about Barney Smith. 

 The concept ties McCain to tax breaks to companies which outsource jobs and will continue to do so if McCain is elected president.  But the tag line is the most memorable: Obama will put Barney Smith before Smith Barney.  

Mainstreet before Wall Street. 

No doubt Barney Smith is this guy's real name, and he was vetted.




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EENR Blog Endorses Kevin Miskell for IA-04

Desmoinesdem has been posting some links from the EENR Blog.

 A brief history: EENR initially stood for Edwards Evening News Roundup. Edwards supporters posted nightly diaries about John's campaign and what he stood for on the Daily Kos from April 4, 2007-Feb 1, 2008. When the campaign suspended and most of the other progressive blogs focused on the horse race, some JRE supporters decided to start our own blog to discuss issues facing all of us, and not just be a support group blog for disenfranchised JRE supporters.  The EENR editorial team believes that along with the issues, they (we) should advocate for more and better downticket candidates that support a more bold, progressive agenda on Capitol Hill and in some instances, state races.  That is why EENR endorsed Ed Fallon.

Tonight EENR proudly endorses Kevin Miskell, IA-04 who is a true John Edwards Democrat.  Here's why.

Miskell is a fifth generation Iowa farmer from Story County, Iowa.   See One Carolina Girl's video of Miskell from last year:


 EENR invited Miskell to come by last week and talk about the issues the community was interested in, which included international issues besides the war in Iraq that blogs and the M$M don't pay as much attention to; some would have been curve balls for many candidates.  EENR discovered Miskell has been following human rights and other international issues as its bloggers have.   That's rare.

  More below the fold….(text courtesy of Sarah Lane and also from Kevin Miskell's diary last week)  

Disclosure: I am on the EENR editorial team.




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Miskell and Fallon Live at the EENR Blog This Week

Greetings Bleeding Heartland Readers,

 My name is Benny and I am one of the editors at the EENR Blog.   Some of us have been lurkers at Bleeding Heartland and occasional commenters here, especially last year, when Iowa was upon the eyes of the world as being the first in the nation for caucuses and primaries.  

A little intro:

Our acronym, “Edwards Evolution, Next Revolution,” reflects the formation of the EENR group originally as Edwards Evening News Roundup for supporters of John Edwards during the 2008 presidential primary.

We have continued as EENR because we want to continue the movement for progressive change based on the platform laid out by John Edwards, which we consider the gold standard model for progress in America. We are not affiliated in any way with John Edwards, except as supporters, but we have retained his surname in our acronym as a nod to his significant contribution to the progressive movement.

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Edwards to Visit BECON Plant in Iowa

On Tuesday, March 20th, 2007, Senator John Edwards will visit the Biomass Energy Conversion Center (BECON) in Nevada, Iowa.  Edwards will tour the plant and outline his plan to halt global warming and create a new energy economy in our nation.  Following his remarks, Edwards will hold a media availability with reporters.

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John Edwards Announces Iowa Staff

Iowa Team Features Experienced Caucus and Campaign Staff

Des Moines, Iowa – Building on the momentum from Senator John Edwards’ series of community meetings on health care with Iowa caucus goers last week, the campaign announced today the addition of key staff members in Iowa.  The staff includes veterans of numerous campaigns, who have years of experience working in the caucuses.

“I am proud to have such a strong staff in Iowa to share my vision for America with caucus goers,” said Edwards.  “I plan to campaign hard in Iowa and look forward to talking with Iowans about the big challenges facing our nation and how we can meet them together.”

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