Edwards to Visit BECON Plant in Iowa

On Tuesday, March 20th, 2007, Senator John Edwards will visit the Biomass Energy Conversion Center (BECON) in Nevada, Iowa.  Edwards will tour the plant and outline his plan to halt global warming and create a new energy economy in our nation.  Following his remarks, Edwards will hold a media availability with reporters.

Later in the evening, Edwards will also attend a house party with Warren County activists in Indianola. 

Additionally, he will meet privately with leaders and members of the Iowa House and Senate Democratic caucuses at the State Capitol.

Details: Senator Edwards to tour BECON plant with Floyd Barwig, Director of the Iowa Energy Center

Biomass Energy Facility

1521 West F Avenue

Nevada, Iowa

Edwards is to speak at 12:30PM.

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  • thanks for posting!

    I think it is important to for people to put campaign events on this blog. I get many of the candidates’ e-mails, but not all of them.