What's your local Legislature race look like?

First, the Republicans:

Here in the 42nd House District, we don't even have a Republican running.
 If I had known that I would have re-registerted, run for the GOP nomination and then truly have been a Republican in Name Only.

On the Democratic side:

Six-term Representative Geri Huser is being challenged by Matt Ballard. I do not know Ballard. His site indicates he's a union guy. 

Huser will have the local machine for sure (her father is the godfather of East Polk County) but the yard sign primary is fairly split. I'd say she has about a 60-40 split in terms of yard signs.

Without a Republican running this will be the general election essentially.

I think Geri will win but it may be close.

What about yours?

  • Well my district is so Republican

    that we don’t even have a Democrat running in the 69th House District or the 35th Senate District! Disappointed to say the least considering how favorable the environment is towards us this year. And the fact of how many people turned out at the caucuses in my district (800 people in my caucus alone!), there was a chance we could’ve taken this seat.

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