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After Boswell

I have to believe that this will be Leonard Boswell's last term as the Representative in IA-03. With Iowa likely losing a congressional seat in 2012, there is a fairly good chance that the 3rd District could add Ames in 2012, which would put Tom Latham in the district. It would be too dangerous for run someone new in 2012, so Boz either needs to retire after this term or hold on until 2014 (and with his health, a campaign against Latham could be difficult.) So, I would say that it's in the best interest of the Dems to run someone new in 2010 so that they would be an incumbent in the new district. (Note: It's a D+1 district.)

So, who is the best choice for the Democratic nomination after Boswell? I'd like to point out that this could be fantastic primary, as whoever gets it could easily become an entrenched incumbent (Iowa rarely votes people out.). I also think that the person most likely will be from Polk County. I'd be stunned if it wasn't, in fact.

Some names to start, from the current elected Democrats in the district:

Polk County Board of Supervisors

John Mauro- DSM South Side

Tom Hockensmith- DSM East Side/Altoona/Pleasant Hill

Angela Connolly- DSM North/East Side


Iowa House

Ako Abdul-Samad- Downtown DSM/Drake

Wayne Ford- DSM North Side

Rick Olson- DSM East Side

Kevin McCarthy- Fairgrounds/Easter Lake/Pleasant Hill

Geri Huser- Altoona

Janet Petersen- DSM Northwest Side

Jo Oldson- DSM West Side


Iowa Senate

Matt McCoy- DSM Southwest Side

Jack Hatch- Downtown/North Side


I think I got all the ones of a reasonable age. The ones I could see putting together the strongest bid (considering many things) are Peterson, Huser, McCarthy, and Hockensmith. 

What's your local Legislature race look like?

First, the Republicans:

Here in the 42nd House District, we don't even have a Republican running.
 If I had known that I would have re-registerted, run for the GOP nomination and then truly have been a Republican in Name Only.

On the Democratic side:

Six-term Representative Geri Huser is being challenged by Matt Ballard. I do not know Ballard. His site indicates he's a union guy. 

Huser will have the local machine for sure (her father is the godfather of East Polk County) but the yard sign primary is fairly split. I'd say she has about a 60-40 split in terms of yard signs.

Without a Republican running this will be the general election essentially.

I think Geri will win but it may be close.

What about yours?