How to Stop Tom Latham

First of all… IT CAN BE DONE

Latham is more volnurable than ever. Even when he was facing Spencer in “The Blue Wave of 2006” He didnt reach out this much to his constiuency. He moved to Ames (The Largest City in his district and of the only county (Story) that he lost in 2006). And I cant check my mailbox without getting a “Latham supports nurses” or “Latham supports Veterans” or something from Stew Iverson. (Yes, I am on the Pubs mailing lists, best to stay a step ahead).

It will take a lot of skill to send him home though. Here is what I believe needs to be done.

 1. Stop the Mudslinging- We are 3 days away from the primary, few people reading this blog are going to switch, but they may just hold out a grudge if you push too far.

2. Whoever wins needs to recieve three firm and public endorsements from there other primary challengers immediately. Voice your support for the nominee and encourage your voters to do so also.

We have four great candidates who are working different parts of the state and the demographic, but it will take some swallowing of pride.

 3. As the Candidates reach out to the voters, the voters need to reach out to the candidate. I am a VERY VERY staunch William Meyers supporter and have been almost since day one. But I am willing to dedicate my time and networking resources to whoever wins the primary, be it my candidate (which I firmly believe it will be) or ANYONE else.

I certainly hope others feel the same way.

4. We need to garner national attention. This can be done in a number of ways, get with me if you want some ideas.

5. We need to support ALL our legislative candidates. We need all democratic candidates from the whole IA-4 area to get on board, everyone from sheriffs, to county suprivisors, to state reps, to senators (State and Iowa).

We need pictures, we need press releases voicing there endorsment for our congressional candidate, we need to combine our resources, (in a way that will benefit all).

6. We need every county chair to actively organize. We need county captains, we need people to knock on doors, hand out pamphlets outside Wal Mart, Phone bank, Blog warriors, and letters written to every prominent democrat in America from Jimmy Carter to Jo Shmo County Vice chair of Nowhere Alaska, telling them about our candidate and asking for there support. And have people in t-shirts in EVERY Parade 🙂 Absolute grassroots.

There are many more things we need to do, but these are the things that we as volunteers can do and help get done.

And one more thing…It needs to start Wednesday!!!!!!!

Holla if ya hear me 🙂

  • I embrace the spirit of this diary

    I would only add that if people supporting one of the Congressional candidates do not feel inspired to volunteer for the winner of the primary, they should get involved with another race in their area.

    Just find some Iowa House or Senate candidate you can be passionate about supporting, and get involved in that person’s campaign.

  • Yes

    I understand that not everyone will get behind the nominee, but helping out with a legislative race is a great way to help too.

    Very exciting time to be a democrat!

  • Only William

    After Tuesday, I look forward to supporting William Meyers for Congress.  

    If there are Democratic leaders in the district that don’t want to have William, then William should say to heck with the Democratic Party and become the lone Independent member of the House.  

    He’d be a powerful voice for those of us that want change we can believe in.

    • with all due respect

      It would be virtually impossible for any of the losing Democratic candidates from the 4th to win a bid against the Dem winner and Latham in the fall.

  • I have been with William

    For a very long time. I respect him more so than anyone in politics.

    He is brave courageous and outspoken. He is also not willing to back down from a fight.

    But I believe that William knows the score and if he somehow falls short (which I dont see happening and am doing everything I can to make sure it doesnt) he will be there for the nominee.

    Where as the others in this primary contest are seasoned veterans with very rich backing, Meyers is a man who saw something terrible happening with Tom Latham in congress, he saw a man that does nothing for his constiuency and William stepped up and said “no more”.

    Tommorow, I will be making a quick stop to pick up flyers and will be knocking on doors, calling people and emailing others to get out the vote, because I truly believe the William is the best candidate out there.

    However if he leaves the party, I cannot follow him down that road, and I must agree with Gavin. The truth is WE WILL NEVER get a chance this good to beat Tom Latham, and if we don’t beat him now, we may find him in the capitol or in the senate in 2010!

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