The Personal Beliefs of Others a Factor in Your Health Care?

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What do these three things have in common?

  • The cashier at a movie theatre refuses to sell tickets for R rated films because the movies are too violent…
  • A waiter at a restaurant refuses to serve meat because they are a vegetarian…
  • A geography teacher refuses to teach students about China because they are opposed to communism…

If a new rule from the Bush Administration was applied to all of jobs, none of these people could be fired for not doing their jobs!

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has released a new rule that will impact the way basic and reproductive health care will be provided in America.  This new rule broadly expands refusal clauses to allow ideology into the doctor’s office—even the waiting room!

Tweaking the interpretation of existing law, ALL employees of health care organizations would be able to refuse to be associated with providing services to which they are opposed.  The administration says the new rule is targeted at abortion, but the trouble is they have made the rule so vague it could apply across the spectrum in health care, including the birth control women need to prevent abortions.

Creating a special class of employees based on personal beliefs allows everyone from the doctor to the receptionist have a say in your health care.  Any employee can deny care to a patient, and the organization is helpless to take action to correct the situation.

  • The receptionist who schedules your appointment may not do so because he or she does not agree with the type of contraception you use.
  • The doctor may not tell you about all of your options because they are opposed based on their religious beliefs.

A health care organization that ensures patients get access to necessary services may lose its ability to provide federal assistance to low-income patients because of one employee.  And they can take no corrective action.  This is just another example of the Bush Administration protecting the “haves” and cutting off the “have-nots”.

This rule is being sold as a “protection” for health care workers, but seems like it’s more about imposing the beliefs of others on you—and your health care.  Be prepared to start interviewing your health care provider and all their staff once this law is passed, because if you don’t you’ll never know what you should have been told that you were not told.

This rule is a last ditch effort by the Bush Administration to cut off science based medicine and impose ideology.  It’s about placing the rights of a few ahead of medically accurate healthcare for everyone, and it’s about overturning state laws that go against the will of the Bush Administration.  On September 23rd the “Provider Conscience Regulation” will go into effect. Without a strong grassroots opposition, the personal beliefs of others will be a factor in your health care—and millions of low-income patients may lose life-saving services.

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