DCCC moves Greenwald to "Red to Blue," Hubler to "Emerging Races"

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee likes what it’s seeing from our candidates in Iowa. Today the DCCC moved Becky Greenwald from the Emerging Races list to “Red to Blue,” and also moved Rob Hubler from the “Races to Watch” list to “Emerging Races.”

I’ll have more on this later today, but here are some of the reasons I think Greenwald can beat Tom Latham in IA-04.

Here is my case for why Hubler can beat Steve King in IA-05. For more on why Hubler can win, see this piece by DemocracyLover in NYC and this piece by 2laneIA.

But don’t just sit there reading. Volunteer for and/or donate to Hubler’s campaign or Greenwald’s campaign.

We can sweep the Republicans in Iowa this year just like they swept us in the 1994 House races.

UPDATE: Here’s the release from the Greenwald campaign:

Waukee, IA — The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee today added Becky Greenwald to its “Red to Blue” program. Becky earned a spot in the competitive program by establishing significant local support and skillfully showing Iowa’s voters that she stands for change and will represent new priorities.

The Red to Blue program highlights top Democratic campaigns across the country, and offers them financial, communications, and strategic support.  The program introduces Democratic supporters to new, competitive candidates in order to help expand the fundraising base for their campaigns.

“We are thrilled to have the complete backing and support of the national Democratic Party,” said Becky Greenwald. “Today, I challenged Tom Latham to debate me on television after the 14-year incumbent attacked me for the first time in this race. His campaign must be sensing the strong support for my campaign. This election is too important not to debate the issues facing our working families in front of a television audience.”

DCCC Chairman Chris Van Hollen said, “Becky Greenwald is running a solid campaign and is committed to making things easier for middle class families in their districts. With less than 21 days to make her case for change to voters, the Red to Blue program will give Becky the financial and structural edge to be even more competitive in November.”

Red to Blue was a proven success in the 2006 cycle. In 2006, the Red to Blue program raised nearly $22.6 million for 56 campaigns averaging $404,000 per campaign.  Red to Blue was also responsible for solidifying the structure of dozens of campaigns and making a real difference for Democrats across America.

It’s great that the DCCC will devote more resources to IA-04. Latham may already have sensed the race is tightening. On Monday he went negative, issuing this statement blasting Greenwald’s support for the recent bailout package.

Greenwald responded by challenging Latham to a televised debate. The two candidates have debated twice on the radio. Latham declined one invitation to debate on television and is dragging his feet on rescheduling a joint appearance on Iowa Public Television, which was postponed while Congress was considering the bailout.  

After the jump I’ve posted the statement that followed a press conference today featuring Greenwald and First Lady Mari Culver. Key quote:

“The writing is on the wall in this race,” said First Lady Mari Culver. “I have been following politics for a long time, and if an incumbent is comfortable with their lead, they do not attack their challenger. From his attacks, it seems Congressman Latham is seeing the growing support for Becky’s campaign.”


October 14th, 2008

Contact: Erin Seidler


Becky Greenwald, First Lady Mari Culver Challenge Latham to Televised Debate

14-Year Incumbent Tom Latham Attacks Becky for First Time This Week

Waukee, IA – Today, Becky Greenwald and First Lady Mari Culver held a press conference challenging Tom Latham to a televised debate. Latham declined the KCCI/Register debate and refused to reschedule Iowa Press, but after attacking Becky Greenwald for the first time in this race, Greenwald challenged Latham to discuss the issues live on television.

“I have repeatedly challenged Tom Latham to televised debates, but unfortunately, he has declined one and refused to reschedule another,” said Becky Greenwald. “There are serious issues facing the 4th District. Its time for Tom Latham to come out from behind his attacks through radio microphones and press releases and discuss the issues live on TV with the voters.”

First Lady Mari Culver questioned Tom Latham’s first attacks on Greenwald, signaling a turn of events in the race.

“The writing is on the wall in this race,” said First Lady Mari Culver. “I have been following politics for a long time, and if an incumbent is comfortable with their lead, they do not attack their challenger. From his attacks, it seems Congressman Latham is seeing the growing support for Becky’s campaign.”

Greenwald challenged Latham to explain why he says he is fighting Wall Street greed, when he has never answered for his hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from Wall Street firms. [opensecrets.org] And 4th District voters deserve an answer from Latham on his repeated votes to deregulate the financial markets. [House Vote #276, 7/1/99] [House Vote #603, 12/15/00]

And she noted it is the height of hypocrisy for Tom Latham to talk about “those on Wall Street who created this mess” when those are exactly the people Tom Latham has voted to protect during his 14 year career in Congress.  Latham voted against shareholder reviews of CEO pay, he voted against a plan that would ensure that workers and executives were equally affected by pension benefit cuts, and he voted against an Enron-inspired proposal to require company executives to personally certify the accuracy of corporate financial statements. HR 1257, Vote #244, 4/20/07 HR 2830, Vote #634, 12/15/05 HR2830, Vote #635, 12/15/05 HR  3763, Vote #108, 4/24/02

“4th District voters are tired of the hypocrisy in Washington, saying one thing here and doing another in Congress. Tom Latham says he is working for Iowa voters, but he has failed to clean up the financial mess he helped create,” said Becky Greenwald. “It is fine if Tom Latham wants to attack me. In fact, it is an interesting turn of events that he has decided to attack me at all, but its time that we have a debate on the issues on TV in front of thousands of voters. This election is too important. “

  • Polls?

    Not to throw cold water on your theory here, but if Greenwald’s race was really competitive don’t you think the DCCC would release a poll on the race? My guess is she’s still down by 10 points, but there’s time to make it up.

    • no public polls yet

      I have no idea whether the DCCC has done its own poll of the district.

      I assume Latham is not way ahead, because if he were he would release his own polling.

      It’s always an uphill battle against an entrenched incumbent, but with strong Democratic turnout and weak Republican turnout this race is very winnable.

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