Veterans ask, "Why, Congressman Latham?"

Fourth district Democratic candidate Becky Greenwald launched this new web ad yesterday:

This is a solid ad, and I'd like to see it on television screens as well as computer screens. You can donate to the Greenwald campaign through her website.

Incumbent Tom Latham started running this negative ad about the bailout last week:

As I noticed while listening to the two radio debates between Latham and Greenwald, Latham is clinging to his bailout votes like a life raft, and yet:

Here's Latham's voting record on corporate subsidies.

Here's Latham's voting record that relates to government checks on corporate power.

Here's Latham's voting record on corporate tax breaks in general (including sub-categories on tax breaks for the oil and gas industry and for the wealthiest individuals).

Latham must be very grateful to be able to talk about the bailout instead of his long record of standing with corporations rather than middle-class taxpayers.

If you live in the fourth district or have friends and relatives there, please spread the word about Latham's voting record as a whole.

But more important, please get involved with the Greenwald campaign as a volunteer in the final stretch.

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